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Rather than saying that Su Huixian wanted to save Su Bei, it would be more accurate to say that she did not want to see Su Bei in the limelight.

When Mai Lele heard this, she bit her lip and asked, “What should we do now The three of them did appear together.

How about this Su Bei, you should choose one person to kiss from the men here.”

She shot Su Bei a look and asked Su Bei to choose Mai Shanheng.

Mai Shanheng would not dare to disobey his little sister.

Su Huixian thought for a while and said, “Then, well let Su Bei choose! Su Bei, you can choose whoever you want!”

As her mind churned, she had already formed a plan.

She wanted Su Bei to choose someone and accept the humiliation.

If Su Bei was really shameless enough, then she would choose Du Luo! Anyway, no matter who Su Bei chose, she would definitely humiliate herself tonight.

Su Huixian might as well just let Su Bei choose.

If Su Bei chose Du Luo, she would accept it.

Everyone looked at Su Bei.

Su Huixians move was really ruthless.

She had directly pushed Su Bei into the limelight with one move.

Now, Su Bei had no choice.

Su Bei was about to speak when Lu Heting said calmly, “Since the three of us came in together, why should we let Su Bei choose Isnt there a dice here The three of us will play, and the loser will let Su Bei kiss him.

How about that”

Everyone thought that Mr.

Lu didnt want Su Bei to kiss him, which was why he said that the loser would get kissed by Su Bei.

Indeed, a man of such high status was sure to be cunning.

Everything he did was organized and orderly.

No one could find fault with him and he successfully evaded the problem.

Everyone admired him!

Feng Ze was intrigued.


Du Luo was eager and nodded.


Seeing that Mr.

Lu didnt want to be kissed by Su Bei, Su Huixian was happy and glanced at Du Luo.

Du Luo patted her hand.

“Huixian, dont worry.

Im just helping Su Bei out of this trouble.

After all, shes our friend.”

These words were similar to what he had said to Su Bei before.

“Su Bei, let Huixian have her way.

Shes your sister, after all.

Why are you making things difficult for her”

Su Huixian felt a pang of jealousy when she heard that familiar line.

“Then, well follow the usual rules.

Three dice per person.

The one with the most points wins, and the one with the fewest points loses,” said Du Luo.

No one objected.

They looked up at Lu Heting and saw that he was calm and indifferent.

They looked at Feng Ze again and saw that he was sitting casually with a carefree attitude.

It was as if he didnt take this matter to heart.

Du Luo was the only one who took it seriously.

Everyone guessed that Du Luo would definitely lose.

From the looks of it, Su Bei and Su Huixian were really fighting.

Du Luo was the first to pick up the dice.

He shook them quickly and placed them on the table.

“Let me open it!” Mai Lele opened the dice cup for him.

There were three dice inside, and the total points amounted to four.

It was almost the lowest number of points one could get!

Unless one was very bad in this game, it would be impossible for them to get fewer points than Du Luo.

It seemed that Du Luo had really made up his mind.

This result made everyone understand Du Luos thoughts.

Su Huixians expression turned ugly.

She never expected Du Luo to not care about her reputation and embarrass her in front of everyone!

However, Du Luo held her hand tightly and comforted her gently.

“Huixian, its alright.

Im just doing her a favor.”

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