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Under the circumstances today, Su Bei would definitely not choose Mr.

Lu as she would only be humiliating herself.

As for Feng Ze, although everyone did not know him very well, they knew that a person like him would not pretend to be polite to a character like Su Bei.

Besides, he looked cold and cheerless.

If Su Bei chose him, the consequences would be terrible.

So, the person Su Bei would most likely choose was her ex-boyfriend, Du Luo.

Due to the contrast of these two gods, Du Luo appeared so approachable.

He was probably the most likely man to help Su Bei complete this dare.

However, if Su Bei and Du Luo were to have a scandal, it would be bad.

Mai Lele pulled Su Bei to her side and said in a low voice, “Su Bei, dont be afraid.

I wont let you suffer! If worse comes to worst, Ill get my big brother to help you! My big brother dares not disobey me!”

Actually, Su Bei was relieved to see Lu Heting.

Mai Lele, on the other hand, was quite loyal.

Su Bei smiled.

“Thank you.”

Seeing that the best candidate for Su Bei was Du Luo, how could Su Huixian tolerate this

She immediately pulled Du Luo to her side and smiled.

“Du Luo, youre here”

She knew that there was a barrier between her and people like Mr.

Lu and Feng Ze.

She wont be able to break through this barrier and soar to higher places immediately.

Therefore, the only person who could help her grasp this opportunity well was Du Luo.

She definitely wouldnt allow anything to happen to Du Luo.

Weijian regained his wits and quickly made way for his brother.

“Brother, come sit here.”

Lu Heting sat down beside Su Bei.

He knew that Su Huixian would be at the gathering tonight and was afraid that she would do something to hurt Su Bei, so he specially came to pick her up.

He didnt plan on showing himself, but he suddenly saw Feng Ze and Du Luo at the door when he came over.

The two of them walked in one after another and soon, they were walking side by side toward a certain place.

Naturally, Lu Heting was worried.

He rushed over in big strides, and in the end, he appeared together with them.

Lu Hetings expression did not change after he sat down next to Su Bei.

But under the table where no one could see, he had already reached out and was holding Su Beis slender fingers.

He gently rubbed them with his thumb, showing how much he cherished her.

Su Beis expression was normal, but a wave of warmth spread through her heart.

Even her smile became warmer.

Lu Weijian took a closer look at his brother and sister-in-laws situation and realized that he could probably escape taking any responsibility.

He felt relieved.

As for Feng Ze, there was naturally a group of people willing to offer their seats to him.

After a flurry of activity, Lu Heting and Feng Ze finally settled down.

The atmosphere was no longer as lively as before.

No one dared to cause too much of a ruckus.

Su Bei did not expect such a situation.

She could understand why Lu Heting was here, but why was Feng Ze here

Didnt he always believe in money and investments When did he change his mind

With the sudden appearance of these two people, she was more annoyed than the others!

Mai Shanheng asked, “Lu Heting, why are you here”

Lu Weijian spoke first.

“Is there a problem with my brother picking me up”

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