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Du Luo, Feng Ze… Then who was the remaining one

Everyone was unable to think of who he was or confirm if there was such a man in the world.

Lu Weijian didnt know whether he should greet him or not.

He didnt even know if he could keep his legs after causing such a farce tonight.

It was scary!

Lu Heting shot him a look that made Lu Weijian shiver.

Mai Lele stood up and shouted, “Mr.


Even though Lu Heting was about the same age as Mai Shanheng and they had a good relationship, in front of Lu Heting, Mai Lele treated him differently.

She respectfully called himMr.


Hence, when she called himMr.

Lu, everyone was shocked.

Everyone started stuttering.

This was the Mr.

Lu they were all thinking about

Was he the person in charge of Lu Group

How did they manage to meet Mr.


Lu Weijian wanted to cover Mai Leles mouth but it was too late.

He could only watch as her words caused an uproar in the room.

Mai Shanheng stood up and said, “Mr.

Lu, come and sit.”

Compared to Mai Lele calling himMr.

Lu respectfully, Mai Shanheng sounded like he was teasing Lu Heting.

Everyone could now confirm that this was Mr.

Lu, the head of Lu Group!

That mysterious, low-key Mr.

Lu whose real name and appearance was not known to the world!

It was no wonder that his aura was so powerful that it could make people prostrate themselves in worship.

However, they did not expect that the mysterious person in charge of Lu Group was such a young, charismatic, and good-looking man!

He was not a pot-bellied man or Lu Weijians father!

Su Huixian was stunned for a few seconds.

She had invited Mr.

Lu to a gathering! What an honor!

This was the highlight of her life!

At that moment, she couldnt care less about Du Luo or even Feng Ze.

She only had eyes for Mr.


Su Huixian immediately stood up and raised her glass.


Lu, its our honor to have you here.”

The others also stood up involuntarily.

No one could sit still under Lu Hetings powerful aura.

Everyone was in the same mood as Su Huixian.

Who would have thought that they would meet Mr.

Lu while drinking here

And Feng Ze, the big investor, too.

Meeting either one of them would be a great honor, not to mention two of them at once.

However, when everyone turned to look at Su Bei, their joy turned into pity.

At this moment, three men had come in from the outside.

All of them were not to be trifled with.

Anyone could see that Su Bei was in a miserable state now.

She might as well have chosen someone from this room to kiss.

At least, she wouldve been able to save herself from this situation.

Rumor had it that Su Bei had offended Mr.

Lu long ago and was hated by him.

She was almost blacklisted on the internet.

It was probably because Mr.

Lu was busy and couldnt be bothered to deal with such a small matter that Su Bei escaped.

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