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“Its the back! Kiss the person who comes into the room!” someone shouted.

The person who was coming in from outside was obviously Du Luo!

Su Beis lips twitched again.

When did Mai Lele flip the card

Mai Lele was too excited, so she flipped the dare card without knowing.

When she saw that Su Bei had accidentally chosen Du Luo, she had an apologetic look on her face and shrunk her neck.

She had really let Su Bei down.

Su Huixian tightened her grip on her cell phone and was furious.

Su Bei did it on purpose! She definitely did it on purpose!

Su Bei couldnt wait to get back together with Du Luo so she could teach her a lesson!

The situation that Su Huixian was most unwilling to see happen was about to happen!

The door of the private room was pushed open and someone appeared.

Su Huixian wished she could call Du Luo to go back.

Su Bei did not look at the door.

As the door opened, everyone exclaimed in surprise!

Because it wasnt just Du Luo at the door.

There were two other men.

There were three men at the door.

All three men appeared side by side.

Everyone recognized Du Luo at first glance.

Because of Su Huixian, Du Luo had visited the production team and exchanged greetings with everyone.

Among the three, the one with the weakest aura was Du Luo.

His figure was slightly thin, and his originally handsome features were veiled by the two men beside him.

He looked like a middle school student who was still going through puberty.

While standing at the door, he had a sense of fear.

He was clearly such a good-looking man.

At that moment, even Su Huixian started to suspect if the man she had loved for so many years was actually this person in front of her

In fact, all of this was not Du Luos fault.

His usual imposing manner was not this weak.

Among the rich second-generation heirs, he was considered to be graceful and had many followers.

The only thing to blame was that the two men standing beside him this time were too dazzling to be ignored.

It was like placing a diamond worth a few million yuan next to a limited edition exquisite diamond.

Naturally, the first diamond would seem dull.

The man standing on the other side was also thin, but his facial features were unbelievably handsome.

The mole on his face made him look even more charming than a woman.

That cold feeling reminded one of the moonlight that only appeared on a cold night.

Mai Shanheng muttered, “Why is Feng Ze, the investor, here”

When the others heard his words, they realized that the aloof man standing in front of them was actually Feng Ze, the investor!

Haohan Investment had been very popular in the country for the past two years.

Whatever they invested in would certainly become popular, and the company that received their investment would flourish.

Therefore, Feng Zes reputation was very resounding, and many businessmen would flock to him.

They had long heard that Feng Ze was so good-looking that he could crush all the female artists, so everyone naturally guessed that the man with delicate features standing at the side was Feng Ze.

As for the person in the middle… when everyone looked over, they naturally felt admiration and respect for him.

That man was as handsome as a god who had descended to the mortal world.

He had an extremely powerful aura that made people unconsciously want to submit to him.

It was the aura of a person who had been in power for a long time.

He was a man who was born to be like a king.

He lowered his eyes as if he was looking down on his subjects.

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