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After drinking, Mai Shanheng looked at Su Bei regretfully.

His dream of driving Su Beis car had been shattered today.

He could not accept this outcome!

Lu Weijian looked at him.

Oh, how dare he have ideas for Sister Bei Bei!

He probably did not have the worddeath in his dictionary!

“Come, continue.” Lu Weijian passed the bottle to Mai Shanheng.

Mai Shanheng turned the bottle, and it pointed at Su Bei.

Mai Lele exclaimed, “Wow, thats awesome, Big Brother! Su Bei, what are you choosing Truth or dare”

Su Bei actually didnt want to choose either of them, but she couldnt ruin everyones fun, so she casually said, “Dare!”

Everyone was in high spirits.

This was Su Beis first time tonight participating in a game and also her first time being chosen.

Everyone was waiting to see what she would have to do.

Lu Weijian carried the box of dares to Su Bei and smiled ingratiatingly.

“Sister Bei Bei, please take one!”

Su Bei stretched out her finger and randomly picked one.

Mai Lele quickly snatched it over.

“Let me read, let me read!”

Everyone listened quietly as Mai Lele read out loud, “Wow, pick a man at the scene to kiss on the spot!”

Wow! The crowd was in an uproar.

Many mens eyes lit up.

Su Beis lips twitched.

Pick a man at the scene

The only people she was familiar with here were Lu Weijian and Mai Shanheng.

However… no matter how familiar she was with them, she would never do something like that.

As for the others, that was even more impossible.

Before Su Bei could ask, Lu Weijian asked first, “What about the back”

“On the back, it says to kiss the person who comes in from outside!” Mai Lele read.

Everyone jeered again.

What the hell was this The dares on both sides were so f*cked up.

Someone immediately said, “Su Bei, at least everyone in the room knows each other.

Who knows what kind of men are outside”

Su Bei expressed that she did not want to choose either of them.

Lu Weijian was also depressed.

He didnt expect that things would go so far this time.

If Big Brother knew, would he beat him up

The answer was obvious.

Even if he didnt get whipped to death, it would be considered as Big Brother showing him mercy.

Mai Lele poked Su Beis hand.

“Su Bei, why dont you choose my big brother Big Brother, youre willing, right”

Mai Shanheng was stunned.

Su Huixian thought about how Du Luo was about to pick her up.

Could it be that when they opened the door of the room, Du Luo would be the one who appeared

She would never allow that to happen!

If Du Luo and Su Bei were to get back together, she would definitely go crazy!

Su Huixian immediately took out her phone and called Du Luo, saying, “Pick me up a little later.

I still…”

“Im almost at the door of the private room.

Ill come in and wait for you!” Du Luos voice rang out clearly.

Everyone could already hear footsteps coming from outside.

Upon hearing Su Huixians call, everyone guessed that the man was Su Huixians fiancé, Du Luo.

Could it be that the person Su Bei would kiss today was Du Luo

Mai Lele asked, “Su Bei, do you choose the front or the back Quickly choose one, or itll be too late!”

Su Bei wanted to avoid all contact with Du Luo.

In this case, it was better to choose anyone else as long as it was not Du Luo.

She immediately said, “This one!”

She remembered that the card in Mai Leles raised hand was showing the front side where it stated the player had to kiss someone in the room.

Unexpectedly, Mai Lele had already flipped the card.

Su Bei was now pointing at the back of the card.

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