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The female artists, on the other hand, had their own thoughts but no one said anything directly.

The expressions on their faces also changed.

Lu Weijian was a very friendly person.

He asked for several bottles of good wine and shared them with the crowd.

This place was meant for singing and playing games.

Seeing how open-minded Lu Weijian was, everyone started drinking and playing together.

Soon, the atmosphere became cheerful.

Su Huixians mood had finally lifted.

Lu Weijian opened a bottle of wine and started pouring drinks for everyone.

When it came to Mai Shanheng, he covered his glass with his hand.

“Lu Weijian, Ill sing with you later.

I wont drink anymore.”

Since Mai Shanheng was driving, he didnt want to drink.

Lu Weijian stopped what he was doing and said, “Youre so mean.

You know that I like to drink, not sing.

But youre saying you want to sing with me Cant you get a designated driver”

Mai Shanheng was not angry.

He smiled and said, “Dont you know that I like to drive If you want me to drink, you have to give me a reason!”

“Great! Lets play a game of Truth or Dare now, alright Come on, do you dare” Lu Weijian pointed at the table.

“If its your turn, will you drink”

“Its hard to say whether or not Ill get it.”

“Why dont you try” Weijian became interested.

“Alright!” Mai Shanheng took off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

Everyone got into their positions.

Mai Lele loved excitement the most.

She stopped singing and sat down next to Su Bei.

She liked Su Bei from before, and after what had happened with Yao Jing that night, she became even closer to Su Bei!

The rules for Truth or Dare were simple.

There was an empty wine bottle in the middle of the table.

When the bottle stopped, the person chosen would have to choose truth or dare.

After choosing, they had to do whatever was asked of them or answer whatever the question was.

Earlier when Lu Weijian and Mai Shanheng hadnt arrived yet, there were a few people already playing the game.

The atmosphere was lively then.

With the arrival of Mai Shanheng and the rest, the game started once more.

Each time, the bottle would be turned by the player who was last chosen.

The previous time, Lu Weijian was the one who was chosen.

This time, he held his breath and spun the bottle.

The bottle slowly stopped and pointed at Mai Shanheng.

Lu Weijian clapped and laughed.

“Mai Shanheng, dont be a coward.

Dont be like a girl and choose truth.”

“Of course.” Mai Shanheng stretched his hand toward the box of dares and pulled out a card.

Mai Lele hurriedly said, “Ill go over and take a look! You have to finish a glass of red wine! Hahaha, Big Brother, youre in trouble now!”

Lu Weijian clapped his hands once more.

“What do you say Everyones watching! Im not forcing you here!”

“What does the back say” Mai Shanheng asked.

One could choose the opposite side of the dare card.

Mai Lele had read what was written on the front side just now.

“The back is…” Mai Lele kept him in suspense before finally reading it out loud, “Youll have to drink a bottle of red wine! I think youd better choose the first dare!”

Mai Shanhengs dream of not drinking tonight and only driving had been shattered.

Before he came, he was wondering if he could borrow Su Beis car to drive.

He had been eyeing that car for a long time.

Sigh, it was such a good opportunity!

Forget it, forget it.

Since he lost, Mai Shanheng had no choice but to face it head-on.

He downed the glass of red wine.

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