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“Hmph, if you dont come, Ill tell our parents that you bullied me!” Mai Lele pouted.

Mai Shanheng really couldnt do anything to his sister.

He said, “Alright, alright.

Ill go over later.”

Lu Weijian said from the side, “Then Ill go with you.

Sister Bei Bei seems to be in that production too.”

“Sister Bei Bei Are you pursuing her” Mai Shanheng heard him calling her that and immediately asked.

“No, dont talk nonsense!” Lu Weijian quickly stopped him.

Pursue Su Bei Wouldnt he be beaten to death by his brother

Mai Shanheng knew that he had always been obsessed with games, so he didnt ask further.

After quickly finishing a round, he packed his things and went straight to Mai Lele.

He was afraid that if he was late, he would be beaten to death by his parents if a similar incident like what had happened before with Yao Jing happened again.

Lu Weijian happily followed after Su Bei.

“Sister Huixian, you wont mind having two more people join us later, right” Mai Lele asked.

Su Huixian knew that Mai Lele was the daughter of a wealthy family.

She naturally wouldnt mind if she brought guests.

“Of course, its fine.

Are they your friends”

“My brother and Lu Weijian,” said Mai Lele casually.

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Su Huixian immediately felt excited.

She invited everyone to this gathering in order to build a good relationship with them and expand her network.

She never expected to meet these two big shots!

Qiu Minxuan was also very happy for her.

“Huixian, I didnt expect Mr.

Weijian and Mr.

Mai to come.

They must think highly of you.”

The others also thought that Mai Shanheng and Lu Weijian were only joining for Su Huixians sake.

They all complimented her.

“Huixian, thanks to you, I can also witness Mr.

Mais and Mr.

Weijians glory!”

“If we follow Huixian, well really get to see the world.”

Everyone had been indebted to Su Huixian for the past few days, so their words were naturally pleasant and filled with flattery.

Su Huixians heart was filled with joy.

She had gained quite a bit tonight!

Just as everyone was talking, Lu Weijian and Mai Shanheng entered the room.

The commotion was too loud.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the two young men.

Lu Weijian was unrestrained with a nonchalant expression while Mai Shanheng was elegant and polite.

They both had distinct good looks and charisma, causing ones heart to tremble.

When she saw Mai Shanheng, Su Huixians eyes lit up.

She had already found out that he was Mai Leles brother and the heir of the Mai family.

She was overjoyed.

Indeed, it was the right decision to socialize more.

When she saw Lu Weijian, her face was as bright as a flower.

She immediately stood up and said, “I didnt expect Mr.

Weijian and Mr.

Shanheng to grace us with their presence.

Im truly honored to be graced by your presence! Let me give a toast to the both of you first!”

“Theres no need to go through so much trouble.

Just sit down.” Lu Weijian had no interest in Su Huixian at all.

He ran to Su Beis side and sat down while shouting, “Sister Bei Bei!”

Since Mai Shanheng was here to look for Mai Lele, he naturally sat beside her.

Mai Lele was sitting with Su Bei, so when Lu Weijian and Mai Shanheng arrived, they sat together with Su Bei.

The smile on Su Huixians face froze.

The other artists in the production team did not expect such a situation.

The male artists secretly looked at Su Bei and could understand the feelings of these two young men.

As a normal man, who wouldnt want to sit with a beauty like Su Bei

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