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The articles that the reporters released later all used Su Beis photo as the cover or the accompanying photo.

It was all because Su Bei was so eye-catching.

She just casually sat there but it was enough to make the reporters place all their attention on her.

Furthermore, Su Huixians photos had to be edited.

If they didnt look good, they had to be re-edited.

Nowadays, the news was all about time efficiency.

Whoever released the first article would gain more readers.

Su Beis photos could be used directly and were very useful.

Who had the time to wait for Su Huixians edited photos

In the end, no one paid attention to what the film was about or what role Su Huixian was playing.

They were all focused on Su Beis photos.

[Su Beis film hasnt been released yet, and I dont know what her acting skills are like.

But based on this set of photos, I might spend money to watch her work! She looks so pretty even when shes just sitting there.]

[Bring me along, bring me along.

I have no resistance towards beauties!]

[I think Im about to go gay.

If I were a man, I would definitely try all means to woo Su Bei!]

[Do you see that Not only is Su Bei beautiful, but she also never steals the limelight.

Throughout the entire process, she kept passing the microphones to the female lead and gave the opportunity to speak to others! Shes like a fairy!]

A few media outlets and marketing accounts that posted Su Beis photos received countless likes and comments.

They had completed this months KPI ahead of time and wanted to show their gratitude to Su Bei!

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Su Huixian knew that Su Bei would steal the limelight from her at the press conference.

She initially thought that Su Beis popularity was twice as high as hers, and she accepted it.

Who knew that Su Beis popularity was more than a hundred times greater than hers The number of articles about her was not even a fraction of Su Beis.

Thinking about what happened today, it seemed Su Huixian had underestimated Su Beis cunning side.

She would never make the same mistake again.

In the film industry, she was, after all, a newbie.

If she wanted to suppress Su Bei, she had to establish a huge network.

“Sister Minxuan, treat everyone in the production team to a meal! Pack a red packet for the relevant staff members.

We have to prevent todays incident from happening again.” Su Huixian knew that giving some snacks was too petty.

She had to be a lot more generous now.

The crew was naturally happy to have someone treat them to a meal.

Furthermore, the production team was supposed to have a meal together anyway.

With Su Huixian treating them generously, everyone naturally had a better impression of her.

After the meal, Su Huixian suggested drinking and singing karaoke in order to improve her relationship with the male and supporting characters.

Immediately, people started to respond positively to the idea.

Once the production crew started filming, they would have to live a life of running about and be busy filming for months.

Everyone wanted to enjoy good moments like these.

Even Mai Lele, who disliked Su Huixian, joined in enthusiastically.

“Su Bei, lets go together! Ill call my big brother along to prevent a similar incident like what happened with Yao Jing last time from happening again!” Mai Lele said.

Actually, she called Mai Shanheng because without her big brothers company, Mr.

and Mrs.

Mai would restrict her from drinking.

Su Bei smiled at her.

“Are you really not afraid of being reprimanded”

Mai Lele blushed.

“I dont drink it every day.

Its only sometimes.”

Su Bei stopped teasing her and planned to leave after a while.

Mai Shanheng was playing games with Lu Weijian when he received a call from Mai Lele.

“No, no.”

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