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The press conference started at two in the afternoon.

Last night, Su Bei and Lu Heting had both come up with this idea.

Su Huixian wanted Su Bei to attend the press conference at two p.m., didnt she Hence, they changed the time to two p.m.

Lu Heting arranged for people to communicate directly with the person in charge of the production team.

He then informed every member and reporter of the production team between seven to eight a.m.

Furthermore, he had the hotel lock the main lobby and cancel all the arrangements until two p.m.

As such, no one informed Su Huixian, nor did they expect her to be the only person who did not receive the notice.

Everyone was so happy that they did not have to go out in the cold wind in the morning.

In the afternoon, the strong winds in the morning stopped, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky.

The weather was great, and it made people feel better.

The people who came to attend the press conference in the afternoon, from the artists to the staff and even the reporters, all of them were smiling happily.

Only Su Huixian, who had expended a lot of energy in the morning and caught a cold, was no longer as arrogant as she was in the afternoon despite trying her best to pull herself together.

She looked rather dispirited in comparison to the other female artists who had dressed up meticulously.

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Qiu Minxuan had no choice but to give the reporters red packets in private.

She asked them to edit the photos they took of Su Huixian before posting them.

When Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan entered, they bumped into Yue Ze.

Yue Ze adjusted his glasses and smiled warmly.

“Welcome, Miss Su, to the press conference at two in the afternoon.”

Su Huixian knew that it was all Su Beis doing and clenched her fists in anger.

However, there were reporters everywhere and she had to wear a fake smile.

But could she blame anyone else for this Su Huixian had indeed said that she wanted to hold the press conference at two in the afternoon.

Su Bei and Lu Heting were just helping her out.

Su Huixian forced a smile throughout the entire press conference.

Her complexion was not as good as Su Beis, and her temperament was not as good as Su Beis either.

Her answers were also not smooth enough.

This caused the reporters to quickly place all their microphones in front of Su Bei.

They asked her, “Su Bei, what role are you playing this time Can you explain it to everyone”

“Su Bei, you already have experience in acting.

Why did you still choose the second female lead role this time”

Su Bei held the microphones in her hand and said generously, “Hello, everyone.

Todays female lead is Su Huixian.

I hope everyone can ask her more questions.”

There was nothing wrong with her words and she even sounded very polite.

However, Su Huixian gritted her teeth.

Su Bei clearly saw that she was in a bad state and wanted her to embarrass herself in front of the reporters.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Huixian, what do you think”

What else could Su Huixian say Su Bei was being honest and had a sincere smile on her face.

Did she have the nerve to flip out on Su Bei at this time

Su Huixian had no choice but to force herself to deal with the reporters.

Su Bei fell into silence.

She was only in charge of sitting there and looking good.

As for the rest, she would let Su Huixian do it.

That was what Su Huixian wanted, wasnt it

During the press conference, Su Huixian tried her best to promote the film and answer all sorts of questions.

When it ended, she was exhausted.

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