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Su Huixian stood up and smiled at her charming self.

Today, she would appear before everyone in her best state, displaying her best side.

Qiu Minxuan prepared a thick down jacket for her to put on.

Su Huixian threw it aside.

“No need.”

A female celebrity had to have the ability and awareness of a female celebrity.

If she couldnt even take the cold, what kind of female celebrity would she be

If she wore such a thick down jacket, the reporters would not be able to take nice photos of her later.

Su Huixian could not tolerate her unpleasant side being exposed to everyone.

Seeing that she was determined, Qiu Minxuan did not force her.

After all, there would be a heater in the car later.

When they reached the press conference, there would be heaters in the hotel too.

Hence, Su Huixian would not feel too cold.

Very quickly, the car came to pick up Su Huixian and headed straight for the hotel where the press conference was held.

This hotel was not far from the filming location, so it was located in the suburbs.

The scenery was very good with green trees and flowers.

The only flaw was that the weather today was really too cold.

Even when sitting in the car, one could feel the wind blowing outside.

It made one tremble.

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When the car reached its destination, Su Huixian alighted with her head held high!

The cold wind blew on her body, freezing her face.

However, she maintained her prideful aura as a female celebrity and walked forward without any fear.

However, in reality, she was holding her breath and hoping that they would reach the hotel soon.

Unexpectedly, when they arrived at the hotel, they realized that the hotels doors were tightly shut.

There was no one there.

The doors were also locked.

There wasnt even an attendant around.

“What time is it” Su Huixian asked unhappily.

“7:50 a.m.,” Qiu Minxuan quickly said, “We came ten minutes earlier.”

Su Huixian planned to arrive ten minutes earlier to give herself more time to showcase herself.

It was a deliberate move on Su Huixians end.

However, Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan did not expect that there was not a single reporter here.

Apart from the two of them, there was not even a shadow.

But on the doors, there was clearly a large banner hanging there.

It stated that their films press conference was being held here.

As Su Huixian endured the cold, she grumbled, “Seriously, these reporters.

Dont they know to come a few minutes earlier Why do they have to be right on time Its the same with the rest of the production cast.

Will they only open the doors at eight What are they doing Dont they have any experience with these things”

Qiu Minxuan could only agree as she looked at the time and waited for someone to arrive.

She was still alright as the clothes she wore were thicker, but Su Huixian was in dire straits.

The gown was thin to begin with, but her shoulders were exposed too.

In this state, she had to maintain her perfect appearance.

Su Huixian could not slack off at all, and time passed exceptionally slowly.

It was finally eight oclock, but still, no one came.

Qiu Minxuan said, “Huixian, why dont you wear my clothes first Ill make a call and ask.”

Su Huixian was so cold that she could not stand it anymore.

However, when she saw Qiu Minxuans clothes that were old-fashioned and gray, would she not lose her reputation if the reporters caught her wearing them

“No need.

Just call and ask! Hurry up! What exactly is going on here!”

Qiu Minxuan immediately called a staff member from the films external relations department.

The person said in surprise, “That doesnt make sense.

We informed them that it would start at 8 a.m.

Everyone should have arrived by now!”

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