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Chapter 94: Chapter94 Secret

Qiu Minxuan immediately went to Su Huixian to report the matter.

“Now that her agent is Lv Shan, I dont know if Su Bei will be fine in the future.

But her interview this afternoon will definitely not go well,” Su Huixian surmised.

Qiu Minxuan nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

Everyone knows that Lv Shan is an experienced but arrogant agent.

She has always been unfriendly to newcomers.

Since Director Song transferred Su Bei to her, Su Bei will have a hard time then.”

Su Huixian smiled gently.

She had always been polite to Song Ruinian.

She also treated him to meals and gave him gifts often.

Now she realized that everything she did to him was not in vain.

Even if Su Bei had connections in the entertainment industry, Qian Yu Entertainment Company might not have much room for her.

Su Bei had an interview with the reporters in the afternoon.

Before that, she needed to put on some makeup and change her clothes.

She went straight to Lv Shans office.

Lv Shan was in her thirties.

She looked mature and capable.

Her short hair and nails, which were painted red, showed her sophisticated taste.

Her sharp eyes looked at Su Bei up and down.

“Su Bei, right Its lunchtime, so lets talk about your problem this afternoon.” Lv Shan raised her wrist and glanced at the time on her watch.

“Come back to me at half past twelve.”

The lunch break in Qian Yu Entertainment Company started at twelve oclock.

It wasnt even half past eleven yet.

What was more, artists and agents often had to hurriedly prepare for activities and interviews, so they barely lingered over their meals.

How could Lv Shan eat so slowly and only finish it at half past twelve

The information Su Bei had gotten from her friend was right.

Lv Shan liked to suppress newcomers, so she wanted to deal Su Bei a head-on blow at the first encounter.

Su Bei pursed her red lips slightly and reminded, “Lv Shan, my interview will start at one oclock.

If I come to you at half past twelve, I wont have enough time to prepare.”

“Who has the final say, you or me” Lv Shan asked with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

She looked at Su Bei up and down.

Su Bei had only been in the company for a few days, but she already requested to change her agent.

Lv Shan didnt like what she did at all.

She would let Su Bei know who the boss was.

In such a refreshing outfit, Su Bei looked like a fledgling college student.

She didnt seem to have the temperament of an international supermodel.

However, when her red lips slightly curled, she naturally looked powerful.

“Lv Shan, I work in the company to make money.

I believe you do too, right”

“What do you mean” Lv Shan asked.

“If Im not mistaken, you are getting married half a year from now.

Right Im just wondering if your fiance knows what you have done before,” Su Bei said with a pure and innocent smile on her face.

The look on Lv Shans face suddenly changed.

She was indeed getting married soon.

But before she had a relationship with her fiance, she was a mistress of a big shot in the entertainment industry.

She was getting older, and she didnt want to continue such a hopeless relationship and life, so she chose to settle down.

She saw from Su Beis eyes that Su Bei knew many things about her.

“How did you know that” Shock was written all over Lv Shans face.

It was a deep, dark secret from her past that even her friends didnt know.

She didnt expect that Su Bei knew about it.

Seeing that Lv Shan didnt deny it, Su Bei smiled.

But she didnt continue to point it out bluntly.

Instead, she said, “Lv Shan, everyone in this industry has some well-informed friends.

And what I said just now is also true.

I work here to make a living, not to make enemies.

So I hope that we can work and cooperate smoothly.”


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