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When Su Bei came over, it was already too late.

Logically speaking, the production team had people specially assigned to do this kind of thing.

As a manager, it was very difficult for Qiu Minxuan to carry this out.

However, the person in charge of informing everyone of their schedule was also Tang Yues subordinate.

He was well aware of Tang Yues bitter grudge against Su Bei.

As soon as Qiu Minxuan went over, he turned a blind eye to her and simply let her play tricks.

He neither helped nor objected.

They were all smart people, so Qiu Minxuan immediately understood his attitude.

Hence, Yue Ze and Su Bei were informed that the press conference would be taking place in the afternoon.

The production team had not officially started work yet.

After meeting yesterday, everyone enjoyed a rest day.

Hence, it was too easy to trick Su Bei.

When she sent Su Bei and Yue Ze the messages, it was already nighttime.

After Su Bei received the message, she checked with Yue Ze to make sure there were no mistakes.

Then, she thought of Su Huixian and called Mai Lele.

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“Tomorrow Eight oclock You want to have breakfast with me Sure, sure! We have a press conference at eight oclock.

After breakfast, well enter the venue together.”

Su Bei knew that Su Huixian would deliberately cause trouble for her from the start.

Did Su Huixian really think that Su Bei did not know anyone in the cast

Lu Heting walked to Su Beis side and looked at her messages.

“So, what time was the press conference supposed to be”

“Eight in the morning.

The person who informed Yue Ze and me told us that its been changed to two in the afternoon.

If we were late, the outside world would not have cared about our explanation.

They would only think that we were acting like big shots and were deliberately late.

On the production teams side, theyd just casually fire someone.”

Lu Heting handed the phone back to her.

“I have an idea.”

“I have one too…” Su Bei smiled.

“The idea is…” Lu Heting and Su Bei said the same thing.

Su Bei laughed.

“So, you can be mischievous too, Lu Heting!”

“Youre not to be outdone either, Mrs.

Lu.” Lu Heting kissed her.

“Thats good.

I can let you sleep with me for a while more tomorrow morning.”

Su Bei hooked her arms around his neck.

“I regret coming up with this idea now.”

“But I really appreciate this idea, Mrs.


And I really want to have some free time with you.” Lu Heting kissed her lips.

The press conference for Su Beis new film was about to begin.

As the female lead of the film, Su Huixian naturally had to appear in front of all the reporters.

She had to show her face, explain the plot, and interact with the reporters.

She woke up before six in the morning to put on makeup and choose her clothes.

It was a cold day and the temperature had dropped drastically.

The strong wind made people panic.

Everything indicated that this would be a chilly day for Su Bei.

Ignoring the cold, Su Huixian changed into an off-shoulder dress to make herself the center of attention.

The makeup artist meticulously dolled up every inch of her face, not daring to slack off at all.

“Are you sure” Su Huixian asked.

“Im sure.

Everything is fine,” Qiu Minxuan said with a smile and made anokay gesture.

Everything was going smoothly.

The external relations department had also said that Su Bei and Yue Ze had not reached out to confirm the time with them.

Besides, it was already nighttime when they received the message.

Su Bei probably didnt have the chance to confirm the time change with others.

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