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This was exactly what Tang Yue wanted to do.

Having understood this point, Su Bei made her decision.

Perhaps Tang Yue felt that everything was in her control and that Su Bei would never be able to escape her grasp.

A faint smile appeared in Su Beis eyes.

Was Tang Yue really that confident

Su Bei took out her phone and called Yue Ze.

“I think this is the right decision,” Yue Ze said with a smile, “Ill get it done right away.”

After Su Huixian came over, she used her usual strategy of winning the hearts of people by distributing snacks for everyone and bribing them with small favors.

She wasnt worried about acting.

If Su Bei could act, why couldnt she

Su Huixian distributed the snacks and walked in front of Su Bei, handing some to her.

“What a coincidence.

Su Bei, this time youll be acting alongside me.”

“What a coincidence, indeed.” Su Bei took the snacks and played with them in her hands.

Su Huixian smiled and said, “Not only did I land this film out of nowhere and become the fully-deserving female lead, but President Tang will also bring me to meet Ouyang Ting, the president of Olez International Film Group.

This also means that Ill become one of the investors of this movie and will even be a partner of the entire Olez Film Group.

Su Bei, Im sorry, but Im once again ahead of you.”

So what if Su Bei was from the Tang family Su Bei would never be able to suppress her!

Su Bei only smiled and watched Su Huixian leave proudly.

After leaving the filming site, Su Bei had already made up her mind but she did not tell anyone about it.

Instead, she went to the supermarket and bought a lot of delicious food before going home.

She personally went to fetch Da Bao and Gun Gun home!

When she got home, Lu Heting wasnt back yet, and neither was Aunt Chen.

Su Bei took out all the delicious food that she had bought for Da Bao and said happily, “Ta-dah! Da Bao, these are all for you!”

“What about mine” Gun Gun jumped up and looked at the stuff before him.

Su Bei took out the largest item.

It was a huge durian.

It was fine when it was tightly wrapped before, but now that it was taken out, the room was filled with the smell of it.

Gun Gun laughed until his eyes narrowed.

“I want to eat it, I want to eat it!”

Da Bao felt a little helpless.

What would it be like to have a mommy and a brother who loved to eat durians It was the feeling he had now.

He would just bear with it.

It was not like he could change his mommy and brother, right

He picked up his food and said, “Im going back to my room.”

“No need, no need!” Su Bei picked up the durian and held Gun Guns hand.

“Da Bao, you eat here.

Gun Gun and I will go to the kitchen.

Dont worry, well turn on the range hood.”

This was the self-awareness of a person who ate durians.

Gun Gun happily followed behind Su Bei.

The two of them entered the kitchen and turned on the range hood.

Then, Su Bei took out a cleaver and started attacking the durian.

Seeing the large durian being peeled, Gun Guns eyes were wide open.

He loved to eat durians.

Unfortunately, he had to miss out on having such delicious fruit because of Lu Hetings existence! Four years were wasted just like that.

“This piece is the biggest.

Here, eat slowly!” Su Bei picked up a piece for Gun Gun and also picked up one for herself.

“Come, cheers.”

Gun Gun accidentally bumped into her due to excitement, then took a big bite of the durian.

He smiled contentedly.

“Bei Bei, its super delicious!”

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