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This time, Su Bei was playing the second female lead.

In the script, the second female leads overall personality was richer and fuller.

Since Su Bei had chosen this line, what she wanted to do was not to choose what seemed best on the surface but to choose what was the most suitable for her and do her best at it.

After confirming everything, Su Bei started preparing.

She went to the audition before nightfall.

Tang Yue took a look at the information in her hand and said, “Su Bei chose the movie that we invested in most likely because of the investments from Olez International Film Group.”

“Olez International Film Group is currently in the limelight, and the video website that theyre developing is also underway.

Indeed, if one can build connections with Olez, ones future will be even better.

Su Bei is not stupid,” the assistant said.

Tang Yue kept suppressing Su Bei, but Su Beis momentum was getting better and better.

Tang Yue felt a knot in her heart.

“Have you confirmed the female lead” Tang Yue asked.

“Not yet.

Su Bei chose the second female lead, and the results of her audition were very good.

This made the director subconsciously raise his requirements for the female leads appearance, causing the selection of the female lead to remain undecided…” the assistant said quickly.

After he finished speaking, he realized that he was indirectly praising Su Beis appearance and quickly shut his mouth.

Tang Yue glanced at her assistant and said, “I have my own plans.

Call Su Huixian and ask her to come over.”

Su Huixian had been dealing with Qianyu Entertainment Companys matters.

In the fight with Su Bei, although she did not seem to have suffered any losses on the surface, in reality, her modeling career had almost completely stopped.

After her true age was revealed, everyone knew she was almost 30 years old.

Hence, her value in the industry dropped.

For many people, 30 years old was the age where one would begin their lives.

However, for models, being 30 was considered very old.

Moreover, she hadnt reached the stage where she could fight for a high position and be fearless despite her age.

Hence, her path naturally became narrower and narrower.

She was too old to participate in runway shows now.

She could only accept this reality and just focus on handling Qianyu Entertainment Companys matters temporarily.

However, she only got the right to help manage Qianyu Entertainment Company because of the Du familys investment, so Du Changwei and Sun Jingping would interfere from time to time.

She could not do anything about it.

At this moment, she was sitting in her office.

She was angry because of a sum of money.

She wanted to use this sum of money to invest in the people she favored, but Sun Jingping did not agree.

Sun Jingping had a deeper meaning in her words.

“Huixian, look at you.

Youre almost 30 years old.

Youre a few years older than Du Luo.

Whats the use of spending so much money every day Its not that I want to criticize you, but if you have a child after youre 30, they wont be as smart as children born to mothers who are still in their 20s.

Why dont you return home and think about giving birth soon”

Sun Jingping was extremely unhappy with Su Huixian.

It wasnt just about her age.

There were all sorts of things.

Especially when she learned that Su Bei was actually a member of the Tang family, Sun Jingping felt even more regretful.

She chose Su Huixian and gave up on Su Bei.

After seeing Du Jinghao and Tang Yue get engaged, Su Huixians status became even more useless.

However, she was already engaged to her son and Sun Jingping could not find a reason to break off the engagement.

Even so, she had to vent her anger from time to time.

Su Huixian could only endure it.

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