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When Su Bei went out, she had only applied a little bit of lipstick.

Her eyebrows were exquisite, and her cheeks were flushed red, making her look exquisite and outstanding.

“I finally know why you chose that man.” Hua Cuo, who was sitting opposite Su Bei, took out a cigarette and lit it up.

“Little Fifth Sister, youve been treated so well that youve become even more beautiful.”

“Fourth Sister!” Su Bei was embarrassed by her words.

Hua Cuo knocked on the table lightly.

“But love is love.

Let me remind you, dont throw your life away.

Manage your own money well.

Its not easy to control a rich man.”

Her occupational disease was acting up again.

When looking at the relationship between husband and wife, she would first look at each of their assets.

Everything else was secondary.

Su Bei smiled.

“He should be the one managing his money well.

Not me, right”

Only then did Hua Cuo remember that Su Bei already knew Lu Hetings true identity.

That was true.

Even if Su Bei was a top supermodel in the entertainment industry, in Lu Hetings eyes, her wealth was a drop in the ocean.

Hua Cuo changed her tone.

“You still have to protect yourself.

Dont end up in a situation where I have to help you fight for your assets.

However, Ive never fought a property lawsuit on Mr.

Lus level.

I hope that youll never need to ask me for help.”

“But why do I feel like you want to help me take on a lawsuit from your words” The big shots that Su Bei knew all suffered from occupational disease.

“Haha, its just my fantasy.”

“Fourth Sister, how long will you be staying here” Su Bei asked.

“There are still two lawsuits I have to handle.

Ill go back once Im done.

Dont miss me too much when the time comes.” Hua Cuo reached out and pinched her face.

Su Bei covered her face.

She was the youngest, so they always took turns pinching her face when she was young.

Now that she was a grown adult, they still pinched her!

After saying goodbye to Hua Cuo, Su Bei went to Sheng Tang Entertainment.

She told Yue Ze her decision.

“Brother Yue, Ill choose the first script.”

“I thought you would choose the second one.” Yue Ze was a little surprised.

Su Bei did indeed have the intention to avoid Feng Ze.

Unless she had no choice, it was better for her not to see him.

Actually, her relationship with Feng Ze was pretty good before, but later on, Feng Zes behavior became weirder and weirder.

There was even one time when he almost forced a kiss on her.

At that time, she was still young and had never seen such a scene.

She was so scared that she avoided Feng Ze for a long time after that.

Feng Ze was so handsome and noble, but when he forced a kiss on her, he was really fierce.

It created a huge psychological burden on the young Su Bei.

She really could not imagine why such a good-looking and elegant man would become so horrific, evil, and terrifying when driven by desire.

Fortunately, Feng Ze didnt do anything like that again.

However, she was traumatized.

She was still not used to seeing Feng Ze approach her.

“But the first one has its merits too,” Yue Ze said with a smile, “And the first one is being invested by Sheng Tang.

Theres also a multinational film company, Olez International Film Group, thats investing in it too.

The current prospects are excellent.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Thats right.

Im from Sheng Tang Entertainment, so its reasonable for me to accept this script.”

“Then, Ill prepare the contract.

Once its confirmed, you can come and sign it.” Yue Ze respected Su Beis personal decision and had no objections.

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