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Lu Heting only noticed Lu Weijian when he got into the car.

He was drunk and reeked of alcohol.

Lu Heting asked Lu Weijian to guard Su Bei, but Lu Weijian was drunk now.

“Do you want to take a cab home or do you want to sleep on the floor at our place” Lu Hetings tone was hostile.

“Brother, can I sleep on the couch” Weijian was too drunk to move.

Lu Heting snorted and ignored him.

Su Bei could not help but laugh and asked, “Aunt Chen came over in the middle of the night”

Lu Heting knew what she was asking about.

He explained softly, “After the house is done with the renovation, a room will be reserved for Aunt Chen.

Our two sons at home have to be supervised by someone at all times.”

“Renovation Why dont I know about the renovation”

“The entire floor has been opened up.

I want you and our sons to have a more spacious home.

I got the best workers to finish it as soon as possible.

Theres already progress made.

You can go back there after some time.”

Su Bei was speechless.

Only at times like this would she remember that Lu Heting was the all-powerful Mr.


When he doted on her too much, she would just think he was simply her husband.

Seeing that she was in a daze, Lu Heting slowed down the car and reached out to hold her hand.

He was just her husband.

This identity was the choice he was most happy to make.

When they reached home, Lu Heting half hugged Su Bei and went straight upstairs.

Su Bei nestled in Lu Hetings arms.

They whispered to each other and laughed.

On Lu Hetings handsome side profile, one could see the curve of his lips and the glint in his eyes.

Lu Weijian followed behind and watched their PDA.

By the time he reached the sofa in the living room, he had enough.

Lu Heting carried Su Bei and closed the door in front of him.

The single man lay on the sofa, hugging a towel tightly while shivering.

After the filming of Two Phoenixes was completed, it went into post-production.

Su Bei also had to decide which new script to choose.

Lying on the bed, she nestled up in Lu Hetings embrace.

She did not want to get up.

“Ive read them.

Both of them have their good points.

Of course, the second one seems better,” Lu Heting said calmly.

“I think so too.

But the investor for the second one made a huge investment in it,” Su Bei said in a low voice.

Feng Ze was the one behind the vast investment.

Su Bei knew that with Lu Hetings status, he would know this too.

“As long as the script is good, it doesnt matter whos investing in it.” Lu Heting was not worried about Feng Ze.

He was jealous, but when it came to Su Beis job, she had to make decisions that would be beneficial to her.

Moreover, he and Su Bei even had a son together.

Even if Feng Ze had invested in this film, his relationship with Su Bei was limited to work.

Su Bei nodded.

“Ill think about it.”

Lu Heting switched off the lights and lay down with her in his arms.

“Well think about work when its daytime.

Now, lets think about something else.”

However, Su Bei had no energy to think about work during the day.

Probably seeing that she had finished her work, Lu Heting did not restrain himself and took up most of Su Beis time.

In the afternoon, Lu Heting went to the office in high spirits.

The mans energy was limitless.

It was impossible to estimate how much energy he had.

Moreover, it was simply inexhaustible.

Su Bei, who usually made herself busy all day, would never usually be this tired.

However, although she was tired, her complexion was unbelievably good.

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