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After everyone left, Su Bei walked toward her car.

Lu Weijian quickly went up to her and said, “Sister Bei Bei, my big brother told me to send you home safely! Also, what happened to Yao Jing just now My big brother told me to keep an eye on her, but why did she suddenly disappear”

Su Bei told her about Yao Jing and Mai Lele.

Lu Weijian knocked on the car window agitatedly.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck! How vicious!”

“The Mai family has already called the police.

Theyve gotten someone to deal with her,” Su Bei said.

“People like her shouldnt be released into the public to harm others.” Lu Weijian sat in the front passenger seat.

He was drunk but wanted to keep Su Bei company.

Su Bei didnt drink and had driven her by herself.

Lu Weijian said he was sending Su Bei home but Su Bei had to drive by herself.

“Let me send you home first, Mr.


“No need, no need.

Sister-in-law, Ill send you home.

Also, just call me by my name.”

“Ive gotten used to it.

It wont change anytime soon.”

Su Bei was driving when she received Lu Hetings call.

“Im coming to pick you up.

Im already on my way.”

After Su Bei told him about Yao Jing, he was worried and drove out.

“Im on my way too.

Why dont you just wait for me at home”

“Stop the car.

Ill come and pick you up.” Lu Hetings deep voice was laced with worry.

Su Bei stopped the car and gave him her location.

Lu Weijian sighed.

“Sister-in-law, my brother really dotes on you.”

Su Bei smiled and did not speak.

“Dont doubt me.

When you werent around in those five years, my big brother kept mentioning your name.

Grandfather and Grandmother wanted to introduce him to someone else, but he was waiting for you with determination.

Guess what Previously, we all thought that you were just a fake person that my big brother was using to deal with our family.

When you came back, I was shocked!”

Lu Weijians voice echoed in the car, and Su Beis thoughts drifted away.

Her mind was filled with Lu Hetings gentle and loving smile.

“Anyway, after you came back, my big brothers temper has become much better.

Hes also more energetic now.

Previously, he seemed to have fallen out of love.

It was really scary.”

Su Bei thought about it carefully.

She really owed Lu Heting too much during those five years.

Some time had passed since Lu Heting came out, and he was nearby.

It had not been long since Su Bei stopped the car when Lu Heting knocked on the window.

She quickly rolled down the car window, and Lu Hetings handsome face appeared.

Su Bei smiled like a flower.

“I didnt drink.

I can drive just fine.”

“I couldnt sleep anyway, so I came out to enjoy the night breeze.” Lu Heting smiled.

He knew that the woman was safe, but he still wanted to see her.

Su Bei thought that before he left, he must have specially alerted Aunt Chen to watch over their sons.

Otherwise, he would have arrived long ago.

Whether he was Mr.

Lu or just a chauffeur, his habit of doing everything himself had never changed.

Recalling Lu Weijians words, Su Bei came out of the drivers seat and kissed Lu Heting on the neck.

Lu Heting reached out to grab the woman, his smile widening.

Lu Weijian covered his eyes due to the sweet sight of PDA.

“Ill drive.” Lu Heting put his arm around Su Bei and carried her into the car.

Lu Weijian had already taken the initiative to sit in the backseat.

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