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“Then why dont we…” Mrs.

Mai had no bottom line when it came to doting on her daughter.

Besides, she was heartbroken that Mai Lele had received such a scare.

Looking at the people gathered here, they were all influential figures in the entertainment industry.

There was probably nothing to worry about.


Mai snorted.

“Look at you.

Youre spoiling her rotten.”

Even so, he did not object.

Su Bei saw their family doting on their child and could not help but turn her face to the side.

These were not emotions she was familiar with.

Only when she thought of Da Bao and Gun Gun could she empathize with them.

“Alright, your dad has already agreed.

Go on, your dad and I will wait for you outside,” Mrs.

Mai said.

Mai Lele pouted.

“If youre going to wait for me, how can I enjoy myself”

Mai Shanheng said, “Forget it, Ill stay here.

Dad, Mom, you guys go home first.

Ill play with Lele for a while and send her home later.”

At the thought of this, Mr.

and Mrs.

Mai felt relieved and let the siblings have their way.

They apologized and thanked Su Bei again before leaving.

Mai Shanheng looked at Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, I have to thank you too.

If something had happened to our darling, Id be scolded to death at home.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Lets go and sing.”

The three of them walked back to the private room.

Lu Weijian knew Mai Shanheng and immediately stood up.

“Hey, what brings Mr.

Mai here”


Weijian, Im here to sing songs with you, of course.” Mai Shanheng sat down beside him.

After saying a few polite words, they began to address each other by their first names.

When the others saw that Mai Shanheng was Lu Weijians friend and Mai Leles brother, they greeted him.

On the other hand, no one cared about Yao Jings disappearance.

They might have cared but they were too lazy to ask about it.

After all, they were all members of the production cast and crew.

They all worked together.

Yao Jing was the only one who had nothing to do with them.

Whether she left early or whatever, no one could control her.

They drank and played for a while before leaving.

When it was over, everyone was making arrangements for their transport back.

They started calling for substitute drivers.

Mai Lele asked, “Su Bei, how are you going back”

“I can send Su Bei back.”

“I can send Su Bei back.”

“How about I send you back, Big Sis Bei Bei”

Three people spoke at the same time.

Su Bei was not surprised that the third person was Lu Weijian.

The first was Han Feng, and the second was Mai Shanheng.

Han Feng had some selfish motives toward Su Bei.

However, he wasnt as famous as Su Bei and didnt dare to open his mouth much.

Tonight, he finally had the chance, but he was drowned out by the other two voices.

The second person to speak was naturally Mai Shanheng.

Mai Shanheng had to thank Su Bei for Mai Leles incident, so he took the initiative to offer her a ride home.

The three of them spoke at the same time, and Su Bei needed to make her pick.

She waved the keys in her hand and said with a smile, “I drove here myself and I didnt drink, so Ill drive home myself! Thank you, everyone!”

Han Feng was somewhat disappointed.

Lu Weijian thought to himself,Hmph, these two men have motives for Sister Bei Bei!

Fortunately, he was here to protect her!


Luckily, the filming was already over and they were about to disperse.

Otherwise, these two rascals would have found their chance.

“Thats right.

My Sister Bei Beis driving skills are good, so lets just leave it at that.

Lets go, lets go.”

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