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Yao Jing gritted her teeth and didnt say a word.

When Mrs.

Mai saw this, she felt a lingering fear and said, “I told Lele not to play with you, a woman who even seduced her own brother-in-law.

What kind of good intentions can you have Fortunately, Su Bei was here tonight.

Otherwise, my good daughter would have been hurt by a b*tch like you! Youre really good at this, huh!”


Mai said, “Dont say anymore.

Shanheng, just call the police!”

Mai Shanheng immediately called the police.

With all the evidence, Yao Jing was going to suffer.

Not to mention anything else, just by colluding with gangsters to do such a thing, she would definitely be targeted by the police.

Yao Jing was afraid now.

She cried and begged, “Aunt, dont call the police.

I really didnt do it on purpose…”


Mai pushed her away harshly, unable to feel any sympathy for her.

She hugged her daughter and thought about what had happened.

She could not help but feel fearful.

Luckily, everything was under control.

The police arrived quickly.

These four hooligans were habitual criminals, so they were taken away immediately.

Yao Jing was taken away too.

Mai Shanheng informed the top lawyer he knew and the person came over directly.

They had to make Yao Jing suffer this time!

It was only now that Mai Lele realized what she almost had to suffer from.

She was so frightened that she hid in her mothers arms.

It took her a while to calm down.

“Su Bei, thank you.

Thank you for your help tonight.” Mai Lele quickly thanked her.

Su Bei said, “Yao Jing had a conflict with the production crew a few days ago.

She hit a crew member and I stood up for her.

I taught her a lesson.

Seeing that she insisted on coming to the gathering today, I was more careful and paid attention to her actions.

I dealt with Yao Jing so that I could also help myself.

Its fortunate that I got to help you too.”

Knowing that Mr.

and Mrs.

Mai did not like her, Su Bei could not be bothered to appreciate their kindness.

With a few words, she cleared everything up.


and Mrs.

Mai felt very guilty.

They had indeed wronged Su Bei.

After hearing Su Beis explanation, they understood that the woman was unhappy with them.


Mai quickly said, “Su Bei, Im really sorry.

We didnt understand the situation just now, so we shouted at you.

Ill apologize to you.

Please understand the heart of a mother.

Im sorry.

Im really grateful to you.

Our Lele is safe and its all because of you.”

For the sake of her daughter, Mrs.

Mai did not mind apologizing at all.

She was very sincere.

This made it meaningless for Su Bei to argue further.

She said, “Its good that everythings fine.

You dont have to thank me.”


Mai also looked apologetic.

“We have to thank you.

Su Bei, our Mai family owes you.”

Su Bei smiled and said nothing more.

Mai Lele was still thinking about the private room where everyone was having fun.

The moment her fear passed, she had a vibrant idea and said, “Su Bei, lets go back and play for a while more.”

“You still want to play You almost got into trouble and you still want to play” Mr.

Mai rebuked.

“Lets go home.”

“Dad, I still want to play for a while more.

Besides, Yao Jing has already been arrested.

There are no other bad guys around.” Mai Lele whined.

Seeing that Mr.

Mai was not responding, she shook Mrs.

Mais hand and said, “Mom, I want to play.

Mom, please, I promise Ill only play for a while.

Ill go home soon.”

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