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The moment the three of them got out of the car, Yao Jing ran over with tears streaming down her face.

She said, “Uncle, Aunt, Mr.

Mai, Ive already asked someone.

Someone said that Lele went to the washroom upstairs.

I was about to go over when you guys came.”

“Well go over right away!” Mr.

and Mrs.

Mais eyes were red.

They loved their daughter very much and doted on Mai Lele like the apple of their eye.

If anything were to happen to her…

As Mai Lele had entered the entertainment industry, they knew how crazy fans could get.

They also knew that over the years, there had been a flood of aggressive fans.

Many celebrities did not have any privacy left and might even be attacked.

They prayed in their hearts that the fans this time wouldnt be so scary.

Yao Jing cried as she said, “Those fans looked really scary.

I heard they chased Lele to the washroom.

Im really worried that something bad might happen…”


and Mrs.

Mais hearts sank.

Yao Jing was tall and big.

She gave people the feeling that she could handle anything.

Now that she was crying like this, it was obvious that the situation was very serious.

“Are the fans guys or girls” Mr.

Mai asked, still holding out hope.

If they were girls, at least there wouldnt be too much trouble.

“Theyre all men.” Yao Jing didnt seem to want to worry them, hence she sounded hesitant.


Mai almost collapsed.

Mai Shanheng didnt care about helping his mother up.

He strode toward the washroom Yao Jing mentioned.

This washroom was very remote, far away from the hall and private rooms.

Looking at this quiet place, Mai Shanhengs heart skipped a beat.

He hesitated for a moment before kicking the door open.

It was quiet inside.

There was nothing.

Mai Shanheng immediately kicked open all the doors of the cubicles.

There was only the sound of water flowing.

That was impossible.

She had arranged for everything to take place here.

The response she received was that the hooligans had also completed their task here.

Moreover, they would only leave when she brought people here.

They would try their best to preserve the scene.


and Mrs.

Mai were even more worried when they did not see their daughter.


Mais eyes rolled upward, and she was about to faint.

“Dad, Mom, Big Brother, why are all of you here” Mai Leles brisk voice came from behind.


Mai didnt pass out.

She forced herself to open her eyes and saw her daughter standing there, safe and sound.

She immediately regained her senses and rushed over to hug her daughter.

“Lele, is it really you You really scared me to death! Good child, its great that youre alright! I almost died just now!”

Her daughter was fine.


Mai came back to life.


Mai and Mai Shanheng heaved a sigh of relief.

Only Yao Jings expression was ugly.

Her plans didnt succeed.

Damn it! And Su Bei escaped too!

“Im fine.

Why are all of you here Didnt I tell you that Id be coming back late tonight Im done with my work, so I want to have some fun,” Mai Lele said gently to her parents.

Su Bei looked at her playful manner and could not help but smile.

It was great to have parents to act playful and pampered with.

Although she had recognized Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian now, she never felt that way when she was with them.

Naturally, she didnt feel the benefits of being loved by her parents.

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