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After hanging up the phone, Yao Jing took out a few things in her hands.

They were the things Su Beis fans had given Su Bei.

She wanted the four hooligans to bring these things to molest Mai Lele and leave them behind.

After everything happened, it would seem as though Su Beis fans did it.

If Mai Lele were to suffer, the Mai family would probably take their anger out on Su Bei and eat her alive!

As for Mai Lele, even if she wasnt really involved, she would still be talked about.

Who asked them to treat her like this!

Yao Jing always liked to pick on the weak.

Su Bei and Mai Lele were two weak women she could pick on!

After Yao Jing was done with this, she returned to the private room.

Mai Lele was still holding the microphone and singing happily.

It wasnt good for others to interrupt her when she was such a domineering person.

She would play cards, toss the dice, drink, and play all the other games available.

Su Bei quickly received news from the bodyguards.

The bodyguards had more or less discovered Yao Jings scheme.

Su Bei replied, “Catch those four hooligans later.”

She didnt expect Yao Jing to want to hurt Mai Lele just to frame her!

This woman was really crazy!

Mai Lele was an innocent, rich, and beautiful girl.

How dare Yao Jing plot against her!

Mai Lele sang and danced.

She naturally drank a lot too.

When the song ended, she quickly stood up and said, “You guys sing first.

I need to go to the washroom.”

Yao Jing stood up and whispered into her ear, “Lele, Im a little anxious and my stomach suddenly hurts.

Can I go first”

There was only one cubicle in the washroom of the private room.

As a generous lady, Mai Lele said, “Go ahead.

Ill use the bathroom outside.”

Yao Jing looked at her departing back and smiled.

Mai Lele walked out, and Su Bei caught up with her in a few steps.

“I want to go to the washroom too.

Shall we go together”

“Sure.” Mai Lele was happy to have someone to accompany her.

She held Su Beis arm and they walked toward the washroom together.

The nearby washrooms were all occupied.

Mai Lele drank too much but had to walk to the end of the building.

Su Bei accompanied her.

It could be seen that the nearby washrooms had all been tampered with.

The goal was to get Mai Lele to go to the washroom at the furthest end and attack her while she was caught off guard.

However, none of this would happen now.

Su Bei had already known the plan beforehand and would not let Yao Jing succeed.

Su Bei and Mai Lele went to the washroom and chatted.

Su Bei said to Mai Lele, “Lele, let me use your phone.”

Mai Lele passed the phone to her.

Su Bei took a look and realized that her phone was switched to airplane mode.

It wasnt hard to imagine that Yao Jing did this long ago so that nobody would be able to find Mai Lele later.

Su Bei did not care and returned the phone to Mai Lele.

Mai Lele was not a tech-savvy girl and was more interested in having fun in crowded places.

Hence, she did not realize that there was something wrong with her mobile phone at all and even looked happy.

The bodyguards had already started taking action.

After they captured the four hooligans, they asked the hooligans to call Yao Jing.

“Its done.

Su Bei is here too.

We used the same method on her.”

Yao Jing was overjoyed.

She didnt expect Su Bei to go with Mai Lele.

This way, the situation would be even more justified!

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