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Furthermore, Su Bei also noticed that Yao Jing would end the conversation early after just a few sentences.

The other party would do the same too.

It was as if she and the person opposite her were avoiding something and did not want to leave any evidence.

“Sister Bei Bei, arent you going to sing with us” Lu Weijian was also playing like crazy.

Seeing that Su Bei wasnt joining in on the fun, he took the initiative to ask her.

“No, I just finished filming my last scene.

I want to rest for a while.

You guys sing first.”

“Then Ill have someone bring you some hot drinks,” Weijian said considerately.

Yao Jing chatted with the person for a while more before she got up and left.

This private room had its own washroom.

What other reason did Yao Jing have to go outside

Su Bei thought to herself.

After she went out, she saw Yao Jing walking ahead.

She looked around vigilantly before disappearing.

Su Bei did not know what she was up to, but she knew that she was up to no good.

That night when her relationship with Li Wei was exposed, Lu Heting had already told her that it was Da Bao who did it.

Da Bao had heard Yao Jing maliciously gossiping about her.

Since Yao Jing was someone who didnt have a bottom line, one could imagine what she would do in her current situation.

Su Bei took out her phone and called Lu Heting.

“Is the gathering over” Lu Heting asked.

“Not yet.

It might take a while.”

“Our sons are already asleep.

Im helping you warm our bed.” Lu Hetings laughter came through the phone.

Su Bei could not help but purse her lips and smile.

“Sure, Ill be back soon.

By the way, you said the last time that you assigned special bodyguards for me”

“Yes, whats the matter” Lu Hetings voice became more serious.

Su Bei told him what happened.

“It may not be necessarily true, but Im just afraid of what might happen.”

Lu Heting was satisfied with his womans vigilance and said, “Ill get them to stay close to you and listen to your orders.”

Su Bei put down her phone.

After a while, a few bodyguards appeared from all directions and greeted her.

Su Bei was stunned.

She was familiar with these people and would occasionally see them on set.

She had always thought they were crew members.

She did not expect them to be professional bodyguards arranged by Lu Heting.

In other words, Lu Heting had assigned her several bodyguards from the start.

She only found out recently.

“Young Madam, please feel free to let us know if you need anything.” The leader of the bodyguards had a scar on his face, but he had an honest aura.

“Okay.” Su Bei said a few words to them before returning to the private room.

The bodyguards scattered into the crowd and blended in as if they did not exist.

Yao Jing had contacted four street thugs.

Li Weis family business had to do with bars, so Li Wei was familiar with these hooligans.

Yao Jing was too.

“A woman will be coming out later.

You guys go and molest her.

Remember, you just need to scare her and molest her.

You cant do it for real or cause too much trouble! After the matter is done and you guys get the money, go hide and dont show your faces for the time being.”

Yao Jing found a public phone and spoke into it.

The other party agreed right away.

There was no risk in this kind of thing.

It wasnt like they were going to do it with real knives and guns.

They could even earn money.

It was the most suitable job for them.

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