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Yao Jing was delighted to see that he had an impression of her.


Weijian, do you still remember me”

Weijian wanted to say that everyone knew about her scandal.

Who wouldnt

However, it was inappropriate for him to say this.

He could only smile.

“Yes, I do.”

All those men called her a seductress behind her back.

Of course, that wasnt a good thing.

Yao Jing blushed and said, “Mr.

Weijian, you have such a good memory.”

“You flatter me.

Ill go take a look over there.

Excuse me.” Lu Weijian quickly left.

He didnt have a good impression of this kind of woman.

He was just a normal man, after all.

Everyone was very excited about the wrap party that night.

When dinner ended, it was almost ten at night.

The cast and crew left one after another.

Mai Lele wasnt satisfied yet.

Yao Jing took the chance and said, “Lele, lets find another place to drink.

Its such a rare opportunity.

Since everyone is done with their work, wouldnt everyone be happy and want to continue celebrating”

This was exactly what Mai Lele wanted.

She immediately invited the remaining main cast members to sing karaoke.

Rong Xiu had also been exhausting herself for the past few months and would be joining a new cast in a few days.

She couldnt wait to have some fun.

She immediately replied, “Sure, lets go sing!”

Han Feng glanced at Su Bei and said, “Im fine with the idea too.

Lets go together.”

Seeing that both the male and female lead actors were going, the other supporting actors naturally couldnt reject.

Furthermore, if they were to spend more time with their seniors, it would also allow them to gain more resources in the future.

They immediately expressed in unison, “Well be going our separate ways after this.

I dont know when well meet again next time.

Lets have fun to our hearts content tonight!”

As such, Su Bei and Lin Yu could only follow the crowd.

Lu Weijian also said, “Ill go too!”

After all, he was responsible for protecting his sister-in-law.

Mai Lele was over the moon.

She was in high spirits.

“I know a good place.

Lets go.


Weijian, you paid for the meal just now.

You cant fight with me for this karaoke round.

Let me treat you!”

Hence, everyone got up and went to the karaoke bar that Mai Lele mentioned.

Mai Lele asked for a huge private room.

As a person who loved to play, the moment she entered the room, it was as if she had come back home.

She immediately glowed brighter than the day.

She picked up the microphone and distributed the games in the private room.

There were dice, poker cards, and everything one could think of.

Su Bei, on the other hand, sat in the corner and messaged Lu Heting and Da Bao, telling them to sleep early.

Su Bei sat quietly and sent WeChat messages.

She looked around casually under the bright lights and realized that Yao Jing was doing something.

Actually, with Yao Jing around tonight, many cast and crew members were very unhappy.

They didnt dare to say anything, though.

Yao Jing was really thick-skinned.

When they were eating, she was there.

Now that they were singing karaoke, she was still here.

Su Bei had always been on guard against such people.

Usually, the more shameless a person was, the more tricks they had up their sleeves.

It was fine if Yao Jing didnt do anything.

But if she really planned on doing something, Su Bei wouldnt let her succeed.

Hence, Su Bei paid more attention to what Yao Jing was doing.

She realized that Yao Jing had been chatting with people.

Sometimes, she even looked up to see if anyone was paying attention to her.

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