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She was filled with resentment and couldnt find the culprit behind the mess, so she pushed everything onto Su Bei.

She thought to herself,Perhaps Su Bei is also the one behind this scandal between Li Wei and me.

She couldnt stand the fact that I was favored by the Lu family when she was trying all means to get close to the Lu family.

Therefore, she framed me and caused my reputation to be ruined.

No matter what, I must take revenge on her for this!

After suppressing her extreme emotions for the past few days, Yao Jings mentality had long been unbalanced.

At this moment, not only did she hate Su Bei but she also hated Mai Lele.

‘What kind of friend is this At the crucial moment, you would rather stand on Su Beis side and make me your enemy.

I dont have such a friend!

She thought about how it would be at the wrap party later.

Su Bei, Mai Lele, and the rest were going over, so she could tag along.

If something happened and caused Mai Lele to be hurt, she could push the responsibility to Su Beis fans.

At that time, Mai Lele would definitely be punished, and Su Bei would be hated by the Mai family!

As such, there would be two more people who would bear the pressure and public opinion with her.

Thinking of this, a vicious glint flashed across Yao Jings eyes.

“Su Beis scenes are completed!”

As Su Beis last scene ended perfectly, Director Guo shouted and the entire films shoot was completed.

“Two Phoenixes has completed its filming perfectly!”

When everyone heard this, all the hard work and fatigue from the past few days disappeared without a trace.

They cheered together.

“I can finally sleep in tomorrow.”

“Itll be a big success! Heres to Director Guos soaring box office sales!”

Everyone was very excited as they ran around to take photos with people they were familiar with.

Su Bei and Lin Yu had the most people around them.

One of them was the most popular celebrity, while the other was Su Bei, whom everyone admired from the bottom of their hearts.

The crew members were eager to take a photo with them.

Director Guo was also very happy.

His thin face was no longer as serious as it usually was.

He smiled wholeheartedly and did not reject anyone who came up to take a photo with him.

“Lets go and eat! Is everyone ready”

“Its about time! We had already cleaned up just now,” everyone replied enthusiastically.

Mai Lele stepped forward and held Su Beis arm.

“Su Bei, can I sit with you tonight”

“Sure.” Su Bei did not reject this young woman.

She was cute and lovable.

Her round face made people like her and gave others the urge to pinch her cheeks.

Since Yao Jing was Mai Leles friend, no one said anything.

They werent the ones treating her to a meal anyway.

It didnt matter if there were more people.

Lu Weijian came to congratulate them on behalf of Di Xing Media Company.


Weijian, congratulations.

Two Phoenixes has neared the end of its production!”

“Congratulations, everyone.

Youve worked hard for the past few months.

Drink more tonight.” Weijian raised his fist in encouragement.

When he saw Su Bei, he couldnt wait to sit with her.

However, he was afraid that it would be too eye-catching, so he suppressed this thought and chatted with Director Guo and the rest.

Yao Jing went forward to greet Lu Weijian.



Lu Weijian glanced at her and smiled.

“Youre that…”

Was she the one who got her private matters exposed to the public by Da Bao This nephew of his was really amazing!

Lu Weijian suppressed his words and coughed.

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