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Now, she could only rely on Mai Lele to clear her name.

Mai Lele promised again and again that she would definitely help.

Yao Jing finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Lele, youll be done filming in a few days.

Ill treat you to a meal to celebrate.”

“Sure, I was just thinking of celebrating with the crew.

I love excitement.

The more the merrier!” Mai Lele said excitedly.

“Lets go together, then,” Yao Jing said.

“Okay, Ill call you when the time comes,” Mai Lele agreed without hesitation.

Two days later, the scenes for Two Phoenix were continuously shot and completed.

Mai Leles scenes were completed.

Rong Xius scenes were completed.

Han Fengs scenes were completed.

Only Su Bei had a single scene left.

She would be done soon.

“After Su Beis scene ends tonight, well have wrapped up filming! Dont forget to have dinner with us tonight!” Director Guo shouted in high spirits.

“Sure, sure! I wont forget!”

Mai Lele stood up and said with a smile, “Director Guo, let me treat you to the celebration dinner tonight! Lets have a party tonight!”

Everyone had known Mai Lele for a period of time.

They knew that her family was rich and she was lively.

She was usually very generous.

Yao Jing came over again.

She knew that Mai Lele went back home last night.

She seemed to have gone to the Lu family too.

Hence, she came to ask about the situation.

Initially, she wanted to rely on Liao Xintong to build a business relationship with the Lu family.

Now, she wanted to rely on Mai Lele to build a more intimate relationship with the Lu family.

“Lele, I heard that you went back last night Did you go to the Lu family” Yao Jing asked immediately.

What she wanted to know the most was whether Mai Lele had seen Lu Heting or spoken up for her.

Mai Lele did go, but even though she had a good relationship with the Lu family, it was rare for her to see Lu Heting.

Furthermore, Mai Lele heard more about Yao Jing last night.

Although she was innocent, after seeing so many facts and even the videos, she felt so disgusted that she didnt even eat dinner.

Her opinion of Yao Jing changed.

It was precisely because she was innocent that her emotions were written all over her face.

Hence, when she saw Yao Jing, her tone wasnt as good.

She said, “I did go back.

But Yao Jing, do you really think what you did was right”

“What about me” Yao Jing saw that Mai Lele was suspicious of her, so she quickly defended herself.

“I told you that its someone elses scheme.”

“You dont have to tell me this.

Youve done something wrong, so you have to admit it, right I wont speak up for you.

You should reflect on your mistakes and change your attitude as soon as possible.”

“Lele!” Yao Jing didnt expect Mai Lele to be so hard to coax.

Mai Lele kept her things.

In order to avoid Yao Jing, she went to watch Su Bei film her last scene.

She didnt have any personal relations with Su Bei, but she had watched two of Su Beis scenes.

Su Bei had impressed her, so she quite liked Su Bei.

Yao Jing saw Mai Lele squatting at the side as she watched Su Bei film her scene with a face full of admiration.

She thought for a while and came up with a reason.

“Su Bei must have said something to Mai Lele.

Otherwise, with Mai Leles personality, she wouldnt have turned against me so quickly.”

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