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Su Bei smiled and said, “I still have a scene to shoot.

If you injure me, do you know how much you have to compensate me Do you know that this matter will soon be passed to Lu Groups investment department Miss Yao, you can try.”

Yao Jing raised her hand.

Even if the crew members didnt stop her, she couldnt slap Su Bei.

Su Bei looked at her indifferently.

Yao Jing retracted her hand.

She clenched her fists and turned to leave!

The crew members quickly surrounded Su Bei.

“Miss Su, I wonder if Yao Jing will do anything to you after this”

“Yeah, shes a rich missy after all.

It might affect your career.”

“Dont worry, she wont do anything,” Su Bei said confidently, “Dont tell me we have to watch her behave atrociously on set She got angry because of something else and wanted to vent it on you guys.

Theres no such logic!”

The crew members nodded.

“Thats right.

Is it our fault that she was scolded by others these past two days She did the deed herself, so why cant we say anything”

“A mistress is supposed to be condemned.

Besides, she interfered in her own sisters marriage.”

“Okay, lets stop talking and get back to work,” Su Bei said.

Everyone then dispersed to go back to their own jobs.

Yao Jing went to meet her friend, Mai Lele.

She was Mai Shanhengs younger sister.

Mai Shanheng was very close to Lu Heting.

Most people got close to Mai Lele either for Mai Shanheng or Lu Heting.

Mai Lele was a very naive person.

She came to the entertainment industry for fun and did not care about fame or fortune.

She did not even care if she could act as the first or second female lead.

She just wanted to act.

Hence, her family arranged for her to be part of a good production team as though it was a hobby for her to pass time.

She had just finished filming and was removing her makeup.

When she saw Yao Jing, she wanted to say something but hesitated.

Of course, she had heard all the gossip, but she didnt really want to believe it.

Yao Jing took a few steps forward.

She held Mai Leles hand and said, “Lele, I really didnt expect that Id be criticized by others even though Im not in the entertainment industry.

Someone planned this.

Those chat records between Li Wei and I were fabricated!”

No one would believe her words.

Her chat records were definitely not fake.

However, Mai Lele believed her.

She nodded immediately.

“Thats definitely the case! Youre too pitiful, Yao Jing.”

“Maybe I offended someone and thats why they targeted me, causing my sister and me to fall out.

I feel terrible.”

“Who could it be Whats their purpose” Mai Lele thought seriously.

“Dont think about this for now.

If you believe me, you have to speak up for me,” Yao Jing said seriously.

“Rumors stop with wise people.

Look, smart people like you wont believe in rumors.

I believe that your family wont believe them either.”

“I will definitely speak up for you!” said Mai Lele.

Actually, Yao Jing did not expect anything else.

Since Da Bao had asked for her number, it meant that the Lu family thought highly of her.

Mai Lele could help her get close to the Lu family too.

If Mai Lele could speak up for her, Yao Jing could definitely turn the situation around.

Until now, she still did not know who wanted her number.

She could not die without knowing why just because of this matter, right

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