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Su Bei shook her head.

What was the use of her imposing manner She only knew how to bully people who were inferior to her.

In front of Liao Xintong, wasnt she just like a dog

Su Beis voice turned cold.

“Miss Yao, are you sure you want to do this The investor of Two Phoenixes is Di Xing Media Company, and the entire Lu Group is behind it! Everyone who works here today is theoretically related to Lu Group.

Miss Yao, are you planning to go against Mr.


Yao Jing knew that Lu Group had invested in this film, but how could a mere crew member receive Mr.

Lus protection

Even so, Su Bei had already said so.

If Yao Jing really caused trouble here and news spread to Lu Group, it would be her fault.

Su Bei let go of Yao Jings hand and flung it fiercely as she said, “If you still feel angry, you can just hit them.

This time, I wont stop you.”

The crew members looked at each other.

They were thankful for Su Beis help, but they were also afraid that Yao Jing would really hit them.

However, Yao Jing didnt dare to do it now.

“Miss Yao” Su Bei reminded her, asking, “Youre not going to fight anymore”

Yao Jing retracted her hand indignantly.

“I cant be bothered to argue with these people.

I cant be bothered to hit them.

Itll dirty my hands.”

After saying that, she turned around to look for Mai Lele.

Her jealousy and hatred toward Su Bei increased.

“Miss Yao, wait!” Su Bei stopped her.

“What are you doing” Yao Jing said angrily.

She really hated Su Bei to the extreme.

Could it be that the rumors in the production team were spread by Su Bei Wasnt she just relying on the fact that she attended the Lu familys birthday banquet How dare she be so arrogant and look down on Yao jing

Yao Jing turned around and Su Bei said, “You beat someone in the crew for no reason, and this is a film that Mr.

Lu invested in.

Are you leaving after hitting her Arent you going to apologize before leaving”

Yao Jing exploded when she heard that.

These few days, she had been scolded by her father, her mother, the Li family, her younger sister, Li Wei, and Liao Xintong.

Now, she still had to come here to listen to Su Beis reasoning Su Bei was making her apologize to a mere crew member

“Su Bei, dont push your luck! Who do you think you are How dare you shout in front of me!” Yao Jing was like a bomb that had exploded.

Her thick lips moved as she spat out nasty words.

“Who do you think you are!”

When the crew members saw that Su Bei had offended a lady like Yao Jing in order to help them out, they quickly held Su Beis hand and said, “Miss Su, its fine.

Forget it.

We dont need her apology anymore.

Lets just leave this matter as it is.”

They were too grateful for Su Beis good intentions, so they were especially afraid that she would be humiliated by Yao Jing.

“Dont worry, Ill take care of it.” Su Bei gave the crew members a smile.

Her smile made everyone feel that the matter would be resolved soon.

Su Bei walked to Yao Jings side.

She raised her hand and slapped Yao Jings face.

Yao Jing was caught off guard.

Her face was burning.

She immediately wanted to resist, but the crew members had already stepped forward and blocked Su Bei behind them.

Since Su Bei was helping them like this, they couldnt let Su Bei bear the consequences alone.

Yao Jing wasnt a match for so many people.

She gritted her teeth in anger.

Su Bei smiled.

Her face was warm and beautiful.

“Miss Yao, you and the crew members are even now.

You dont have to apologize to each other.”

Yao Jing was so angry that she was about to spit out blood and wanted to hit Su Bei again.

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