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No one thought of Da Bao.

Even Yao Jing, who had given Da Bao her phone number, would never have thought that Da Bao was the one responsible for this mess.

She just hated the perpetrator who caused her to lose her chance to date Mr.


She had excitedly given Da Bao her phone number, but before she could receive Mr.

Lus invitation, she was stopped by this matter.

What a pity!

She couldnt possibly stay by her brother-in-laws side forever!

Yao Jing was chased out by her parents temporarily.

She didnt have anywhere to go, so she came to the set ofTwo Phoenixes.

She was friends with Mai Lele, the actress who played a supporting role.

Mai Leles scenes were all in the latter half of the film, so she had only joined the cast recently.

She had only appeared for a short while.

Yao Jings recent news had been spreading like wildfire.

Although she wasnt a celebrity, as a socialite, she still had some fame.

Moreover, the news of a mistress like her interfering in a relationship involved ethics, which put the spotlight on her.

She had been receiving the attention of many people and was constantly gossiped about.

Hence, the moment Yao Jing entered the set, she heard the crew discussing her.

“Yao Jing is tall and strong.

Her face is big too.

What does Li Wei like about her”

“You dont understand.

To a man, theres nothing like the allure of women other than their own.”

“Pfft, allure my *ss.

A woman like her should just die for stealing her own sisters man!”

Yao Jing had never been humiliated like this before.

She stepped forward and gave the crew member who scolded her a slap.

She was stunned!

Only then did the two crew members see clearly that the person standing in front of them was Yao Jing, the person they saw on Weibo.

The staff member could not accept it and said loudly, “Youre a mistress who knows no reason, huh You cant take people saying the truth”

“Do you believe that Ill make it so that you cant survive in the capital” Yao Jings tone was very arrogant because of her family background.

The crew member was a little scared now.

How could an ordinary worker like her offend the daughters of noble families Even if Yao Jing wasnt the most influential, it wasnt difficult for her to make things difficult for them.

Another crew member pulled the previous crew member and said in a low voice, “Forget it.

Dont talk so much.

Just take it as our fault.”

“Since you know your mistake, apologize to me!” Yao Jing crossed her arms.

She had been in a bad temper for the past two days and could not control herself at all.

Now that she had finally found a victim to vent on, she wished she could torture this crew member to appease the hatred in her heart.

The crew member didnt want to apologize.

She felt that she didnt do anything wrong.

It was a fact that Yao Jing was a mistress who shamelessly seduced her brother-in-law.

She had only criticized her a little bit.

Why couldnt she criticize her

Even so, she shut her mouth and apologized.

Yao Jings temper flared up again.

She reached out and wanted to hit her again.

Before she could hit him, someone grabbed her wrist.

Yao Jing turned around and saw that it was Su Bei who had grabbed her.

Su Bei was thinner than her, but she wasnt any shorter than her.

She grabbed her wrist and immobilized her.

Yao Jing was a little angry.

“Su Bei, let go of me!”

“Let go of you so you can continue hitting the crew” Su Bei asked lightly.

“They criticized me.

Of course, I have to beat them up!” Yao Jing was tall and strong.

Her tone was imposing too.

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