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Her expression was ugly.

She gave Li Wei a tight slap on the face and left.

Li Wei and Yao Jing didnt have the dignity to stay any longer.

They were originally here to expand their social circle but they didnt expect that they would personally sabotage their social circle!

They didnt have time to think about how the people at the scene would look at them.

They didnt have any emergency solutions, so they could only leave in a hurry.

Liao Xintong was also stunned.

If her friends were like this, what would others think of her

She was utterly embarrassed.

She had completely lost interest and confidence in chatting with others tonight.

She quickly bade farewell and left as well.

Da Bao sat on the sofa and put away his laptop.

He saw that it was calm outside, but he knew that there was a turbulent undercurrent.

‘You want to bully Su Bei Have you asked for my permission!

Suddenly, a large hand passed from behind and grabbed Da Baos shoulder.

Da Bao felt the sharp aura and quickly turned around.

Seeing that it was indeed Lu Heting, he knew that he had not been able to fool him.

He had already carefully avoided sending the message to those who were familiar with Lu Heting, and he didnt send it to Lu Heting and Lu Weijian either.

How did he find out

This man was so horrible!

“What did you do just now” Lu Heting sat down opposite Da Bao with a serious look on his face.

“You already know.

Youre asking the obvious!”

Lu Heting frowned.

“Kids shouldnt be exposed to those things, alright”

“I didnt read the messages or look at those photos and videos.

I didnt send the message to other children either.

I just knew that the contents were bad and wanted those people to experience what it was like to be gossiped about.”

It was rare for Da Bao to say so much.

In fact, he was rather honest in front of Lu Heting.

After all, he could sincerely feel that this man was sincere about Su Bei and would protect her.

He raised his head and said, “They can discuss Bei Bei behind my back, but they shouldnt let me hear them.

If I hear them, I cant just ignore them.”

Lu Heting chuckled softly.

This kid was just like him.

“Let me do such things next time.

The adult world is full of blades and swords.

How are you going to fight them with a plastic toy gun”

Da Bao was not convinced that his weapon was a plastic toy gun.

“I dont wield a plastic toy!”

“Do you want to compete, then” Lu Heting raised an eyebrow.

Da Bao thought about how he had failed to hack into the financial system of Lu Hetings company many times.

His figure was far shorter than Lu Heting.

For a moment, he felt a little discouraged.

If Lu Heting had not revealed his identity, Da Bao would not have known that he was Mr.


Forget it, forget it.

He would endure this for now.

He would grow up one day.

Lu Heting could easily tell what he was thinking.

After all, he was his mini-me.

Lu Heting was like this when he was young too.

He rubbed Da Baos head.

“Your intention of protecting Bei Bei is very good.

You deserve praise.”

With that, he stood up and left.

Da Bao raised his head and looked at the mans back as he left.

So, his father was here to praise him, not to condemn him

Because of this incident, a huge war broke out in the Yao family.

When the news spread, even Liao Xintong was implicated and could not lift her head for a few days.

Yao Jing was scolded by her parents and hated by Yao Siyi.

The two sisters relationship was ruined.

However, no one would have thought that Da Bao was the one behind this.

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