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“Do you think its Mr.

Lu or Mr.

Weijian” Yao Jing asked.

She didnt care about Liao Xintongs feelings anymore.

“No matter who it is, its very exciting.

Sister, there are indeed people who appreciate your healthy beauty.”

Liao Xintong initially thought that bringing this pair of sisters would help highlight her beauty, but she didnt expect that she had brought a wolf into the house.

She was extremely displeased and said, “Children often play around.

It might not have been the adults idea.”

Even though she said that, Liao Xintongs jealousy was about to overflow.

Yao Jing and Yao Siyi didnt want to mess with Liao Xintong anymore.

However, if there was really a chance that Mr.

Lu liked her, Yao Jing wouldnt give it up.

Why couldnt she offend the Liao family for Mr.


Yao Jing was staring at the screen when she heard a ding.

Her phone rang and a message came in.

She was overjoyed and immediately opened it!

However, it wasnt Lu Heting or Lu Weijian who messaged her, nor was it Da Bao.

Instead, the message was filled with screenshots of chat records between her and Li Wei as well as their photos and videos together!

Yes, Da Bao was right.

Yao Jing was indeed having an affair with her brother-in-law, Li Wei!

After Li Wei and Yao Siyi got married, he somehow hooked up with his sister-in-law.

Yao Jing and Yao Siyi were two completely different types of women.

Li Wei was happy to have these two women around him.

His relationship with Yao Jing had never ended.

Yao Jing was shocked when she saw this.

She didnt know why her relationship with her brother-in-law was exposed.

Who was it who collected all the records of her and Li Wei and sent them to her

She immediately turned to look at Li Wei.

They were the only ones with such content.

She looked up and saw Li Weis face turn slightly pale after he took out his phone.

This meant that he had received the same message.

Who was it who was targeting them Was it for blackmail or something

As long as she could spend some money, Yao Jing wouldnt be stingy with her money.

This kind of scandal was too hurtful.

Even if she wasnt drowned by the rumors, her parents would beat her to death.

Just as Yao Jing was thinking of a solution, the other guests phones rang.

Notification sounds rang out from everywhere.

Soon, more than half of the people in the venue took out their phones and saw the explicit chat records between Yao Jing and Li Wei as well as unsightly photos and videos.

Basically, other than the prestigious elderly and children under the age of 18, everyone else received the message.

Of course, Da Bao was the only one who could do this!

He didnt even take a close look at Yao Jing and Li Weis chat records.

After he got Yao Jings phone number, he took a quick glance into the contents of her phone and realized that these two people chatted every day.

Hence, he collected everything and sent it out in a message.

Thus, practically everyone had received the contents of these two peoples chat records and was reading through them.

As they didnt alarm the prestigious elders, things didnt get out of control.

However, the scandal between Yao Jing and Li Wei was inevitable.

Yao Siyi was still feeling happy for her sister when she received such a gift.

She had just read a few lines of messages when blood rushed to her face.

She bit her lip.

If not for her rationality telling her that this was the Lu familys territory, she would have torn her husband and sister apart!

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