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Li Wei took a few more glances at Yao Jing.

His expression turned ugly.

After Da Bao got the number, he wanted to go over to Su Beis side.

However, he saw a man talking to Su Bei and did not go over.

Instead, he returned to the side hall and switched on his computer.

The person who was speaking to Su Bei was Mai Shanheng.

After seeing Su Beis car last time, he had constantly been thinking about it.

Today, he was also a guest at the birthday banquet.

When he saw Su Bei sitting here, he immediately came over.

“Miss Su, what a coincidence.”

Su Bei was slow to react for a moment before finally recognizing who it was.

She smiled and nodded.

“Miss Su, actually, Ive given it a serious thought since the last time.

Your car can actually be modified again to be better.

Its performance can be better and its speed can be faster too.”

“Do you mean to say that my car has been modified”

Mai Shanheng sat down.

“Dont you know That car of yours is probably worth more than a hundred million yuan! If you sell it, Im afraid itll be a priceless treasure.

However, people who love cars will definitely flock to it!”

It turned out that the car had been modified, which was why there was no similar model on the market.

Previously, Lu Heting had said that it was because that model of car had stopped production.

She really believed him!

Su Bei thought about it and felt that she was a little silly before.

She believed in whatever Lu Heting said.

Fortunately, those were all white lies.

Su Bei thought of Lu Heting and understood why the car was so well-modified.

She had never thought of it before.

It was no wonder when Su Huixians cousin crashed into her car when she first got it, her own car was unscathed while the other partys car was completely wrecked.

It turned out that their cars were not on the same level from the start!

“However, theres still something wrong with that car of yours, causing its speed to be restricted.

If I were to modify it, I can make it go a lot faster…”

Su Bei thought about what Lu Heting had done for her and immediately understood why he restricted the speed of her car.

She wasnt using it to race and was just using it as a means of transportation.

Lu Heting naturally wouldnt aim for speed but safety.

At the thought of this, the smile on her face became much more charming and gentle.

She said to Mai Shanheng, “I think my car is perfect now.


Mai, if youd like to modify a car, you can modify your own.”

“But…” Mai Shanheng wanted to say something but Su Bei had already stood up with her glass of wine.

She apologized and left.

Mai Shanheng wanted to modify her car! He had been playing with cars for so many years and the best one he had seen was Su Beis car.

He could not forget about it.

Who knew how many master-level designers had worked together to create such a car

However, such a good car was restricted to such a speed.

It was simply a waste!

On the other hand, after Da Bao asked for Yao Jings phone number, Yao Jing took out her phone and stared at her screen.

She did not know when someone would call her.

She was really looking forward to it!

Liao Xintong and Yao Siyi were both envious, but Yao Siyi was still fine.

She was already married and loved her husband quite a lot.

She had long stopped thinking about other men.

She was also happy that her sister could attract the attention of the Lu family.

“Sister, that child Da Bao is so cold and aloof, yet he took the initiative to ask for your number.

Your good days are definitely coming soon,” Yao Siyi said with a smile.

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