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Da Bao was about to speak when Yao Siyis husband, Li Wei, walked over with a glass of red wine in his hand.

He raised it at them and smiled casually.

“What are you guys talking about that its making you so happy”

Yao Jing was the first to speak.

“Were talking about Su Bei.

Do you think that Su Bei is someone who can join such an occasion with her status Which old man do you think shes a mistress for”

Her words were direct and explicit as if she was certain that Su Beis conduct was improper.

Li Wei took a look and saw that Su Bei was beautiful and outstanding.

Although she was sitting alone, she had quite a graceful bearing, so he said, “Dont randomly talk about these things, lest others hear it.”

Yao Jing pouted.

“Im just saying.”

As the few of them discussed, they did not notice that Da Bao, who was beside them, had heard everything.

Da Bao glanced at Li Wei coldly.

He reached out to hug Yao Siyis waist.

He must be Yao Siyis husband or boyfriend.

However, there was a lipstick mark on the hem of Li Weis shirt.

With Da Baos height, he could see it clearly.

From the size of the lipstick mark, it did not seem like it could have been left by Yao Siyi, who had thin lips.

On the contrary… Yao Jing seemed more likely to have left that mark with her thick lips.

In that case, Li Wei and Yao Jing were in a secret relationship

Da Bao was not very clear about these complicated relationships, but he knew instinctively that it was wrong.

Since they liked to talk about others so much and even slandered Su Bei, then they should have a taste of being gossiped about.

At the thought of this, Da Bao raised his head and said, “Hello, Miss Yao.”

Yao Jing and Yao Siyi immediately lowered their heads.

When they saw that it was actually Da Bao, they couldnt help but smile.

“Little Master Da Bao!”

They did not expect this little master, who seemed unapproachable, to take the initiative to talk to them.

Both of them were ecstatic.

Could it be that they were going to get lucky

Da Bao said, “Miss Yao Jing, can I ask for your phone number”

Yao Jing couldnt hide the joy in her heart.

Da Bao was asking for her phone number Did this mean that Mr.

Lu had taken a liking to her

Could it be that Mr.

Lu liked women her type

Regardless of what it was, it was definitely not a bad thing for Da Bao to ask for her phone number.

She immediately gave him her phone number and tore off a piece of paper considerately.

After writing it down, she passed it to Da Bao.

“Little Master Da Bao, you have to keep it well.

If theres anything, you can call me directly!”

Da Bao did not reach out to take it.

He only said, “Ive memorized it.”

That was right.

He had already memorized Yao Jings number.

He didnt need to keep the paper to remember it.

He even felt disgusted at the thought of touching something Yao Jing had touched before.

Liao Xintong immediately became vigilant.

She smiled and said, “Da Bao, do you want anyone elses phone number Who was the one who got you to come ask for it”

She did not believe that this little kid would come over and ask for a phone number without a reason.

Da Bao glanced at her and left without saying anything.

Liao Xintong and Yao Siyi were very disappointed.

When they looked at Yao Jing again, Yao Jings face was filled with happiness.

She held her face in her hands and felt extremely happy.

Liao Xintong couldnt help but mutter to herself.

Could it be that Mr.

Lu really liked such big-boned women with big facial features and European charm

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