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Lu Heting nodded and looked over her head.

He didnt even spare her a glance before walking away.

He obviously didnt care about Liao Xintong.

Liao Xintong had already suffered quite a few blows tonight.

She was too embarrassed to continue following Lu Heting.

She could only concede defeat and stare blankly at the glass of red wine.

Yao Jing persuaded her, saying, “Forget it, Tong Tong.

One or two times is nothing.

To get a man like Mr.

Lu, you need to make strong mental preparations before you can succeed.”

Yao Siyi added, “Thats right.

Think about it.

If you can easily take down a man, wouldnt others be able to do the same In comparison, a person like Mr.

Lu is better.

Once you win him over, youll know that he belongs to you alone.”

“You guys are the best.

I cant out-talk you guys.” Liao Xintong felt much better now.

“Come, lets have another drink.”

She took a step forward and suddenly saw Su Beis figure not far away.

She was sitting there happily, lightly tasting the drink in her cup.

Her side profile was as beautiful as a painting.

No matter how she sat or did anything, she was simply gorgeous.

Liao Xintong frowned.

“Why is this woman here What right does she have”

Yao Siyi pouted.

“Thats right.

This is Old Master Lus birthday banquet.”

Even she and her sister Yao Jing could only appear because of Liao Xintong.

Who did Su Bei rely on

Liao Xintong didnt want to cause any more trouble today.

She was tired and said, “Forget it.

Lets not bother about her.

We wont go in her direction.”

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Yao Siyi nodded.

“Let her be.

Its not like everyone who can attend the Lu familys banquet is thought fondly of by the Lu family.

The fact that she got the chance to appear here once is probably her most impressive achievement.”

In comparison, Yao Jings mouth was much sharper.

She said harshly, “Seeing that she could come here, she must be some old mans mistress, right I saw many old men here tonight.

They didnt bring their wives.

Im afraid they brought a mistress like her instead.”

“Hehe, that makes sense.” Yao Siyi covered her mouth and laughed.

Everyone knew that no one would bring a mistress to such an important event, but the three of them still smiled happily.

Yao Jing took the lead and said, “Look at her figure.

Anyway, I dont like women like her.

I heard that Mr.

Weijian has a good relationship with her.


Weijian must be blind.

Tsk tsk, he wants all kinds of trash.”

At that moment, Da Bao was coming over from the side hall.

He knew that Su Bei had come and wanted to see her.

As soon as he got closer, he heard all the womens words.

Although there were some words that he did not fully understand, how could he not understand how mean and disgusting those words were

He looked up and saw the most vicious mouth opening and closing.

Liao Xintong wasnt in the mood tonight, so Yao Jing was the most enthusiastic.

He heard her chattering non-stop as she made up rumors.

Da Bao narrowed his eyes slightly.

On Lu Heting, this look was a sign that he was getting angry.

His lips were pursed into a straight line.

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