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When she entered, many people were surprised.

Someone recognized her as Su Bei and whispered, “Su Bei That supermodel Why is she here”

“Could she be Da Baos mother” Someone guessed.

Someone immediately shot down that idea.

“Look at how shes dressed.

You can tell that shes not Da Baos mother.

If she was really the mistress of this house, she wouldve dressed up extravagantly and come in with Mr.


“Thats true, but shes just a celebrity.

How could she have anything to do with the Lu family”

“Perhaps she has some sort of… collaboration with Mr.


As expected, Lu Weijian came over excitedly and greeted her.

“Sister Bei Bei.”

Su Bei politely followed behind him and went to congratulate Old Master Lu.

Da Bao and Gun Gun had already gone to the side hall to rest because they were tired.

When everyone saw that Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lus attitude toward Su Bei was average, they felt that Su Bei was unlikely to have anything to do with Lu Heting.

Most likely, it was because of Mr.



Weijian was too much.

He actually brought a female celebrity home.

Moreover, if he had brought one back this time, he could always bring another celebrity back in the future.

Therefore, everyone did not think much of Su Bei and did not think that she was worthy of respect.

This was the effect Su Bei wanted.

The best situation would be if no one paid attention to her.

Her current identity was not suitable for such exposure, and it would not benefit the two children.

No one greeted her.

After wishing the old master a happy birthday, she went to the buffet area to sit down and wait for tonights birthday banquet to end.


Lu is back!” Following the butlers shout, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked outside.

A tall and slender figure appeared.

The cold aura that was enough to force everyone back revealed Mr.

Lus status as someone who had been in power for a long time.

Everyones eyes lit up as Lu Heting appeared before them.

The coldness between his brows decreased slightly, and there was a hint of warmth.

After entering the hall, he gave a faint nod to everyone as a form of greeting.

This series of actions was exactly the same as Da Bao just now.

This reminded everyone of Da Bao, and they could not help but smile.


Lus genes were really powerful.

It seemed like that child was going to become the future successor of Lu Group.

Everyone quickly greeted Lu Heting, “Mr.


Everywhere Lu Heting passed, there were respectful shouts.

Lu Heting walked up to Old Master Lu, congratulated him, and asked gently, “Wheres Da Bao”

“He and Gun Gun got tired after playing.

Theyre eating in the side hall.

If theyre still too tired later, well arrange for them to sleep here first,” Old Madam Lu explained carefully.

She was already satisfied with Lu Heting from the start, and she was even more satisfied with him today.

“Okay.” Lu Heting nodded.

Everyone could tell that he cared about Da Bao.

They were even more curious about who Da Baos mother was.

However, they simply could not guess at the moment.

Lu Heting glanced at the buffet area.

Su Bei was sitting there alone.

His heart ached for her, but he respected her choice.

As her true identity could not be exposed, he forced himself to look away and exchange greetings with the others.

Liao Xintong was calming herself down in the garden when she heard that Lu Heting had returned.

She quickly tidied up her appearance and greeted him.

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