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Compared to when they were complimenting Cao Tong earlier, everyone was truly convinced of Da Baos abilities!

They had seen many people who skipped grades, but apart from Mr.

Lu, there were only a few who were at Da Baos level.

Upon hearing these words, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lus faces were filled with joy.

They laughed happily and felt as comfortable as drinking iced coke on a hot day.

Lu Weijian felt honored.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Everyone is right.

Da Bao is just as good as my brother! Im so lucky to have such a nephew.”

As for Liao Xintong, she tightly clenched her fists.

The smile on her face was about to disappear, and Cao Tong was completely pushed aside.

Just as she was about to find a place to take a breather, Lu Weijian stopped her.

“Miss Liao.”

“Is there something you need from me, Mr.

Weijian” Liao Xintong struggled to maintain her expression as she replied in a delicate voice.

Weijian smiled and said, “Miss Liao, do you still remember what we just said A child like Gun Gun who has a noble status should have someone closer to him and more trustworthy to be his playmate, right”

Who couldnt tell what he meant

Previously, Liao Xintong thought that Cao Tong was suitable to be Gun Guns playmate.

He was close enough to the family and was outstanding enough too.

What about now Da Bao was Mr.

Lus son! Who else was better than him Who else shared a more intimate bond than him and Gun Gun

“Yes, Mr.

Weijian is right.” Liao Xintong was at her wits end after being humiliated like this.

Lu Weijian smiled.

“Miss Liao, youre quite wise.

Thank you.”

With his words, how would Liao Xintong dare to bring Cao Tong again in the future

Once Liao Xintong left, she immediately asked the chauffeur to send Cao Tong away.

It was an eyesore to keep him here.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu brought Da Bao and Gun Gun along to greet the guests.

“Old Xia, look at my great-grandbabies.”

“Old Chen, this is Da Bao, Hetings son.”

Some of his old close friends were still single, while some had great-grandchildren.

However, none of their great-grandchildren were as outstanding as Da Bao or as obedient as Gun Gun.

All of them were so envious that it seemed as though their gazes could burn holes.

“Old Lu, what should I say Youre purposely trying to anger me!”

“How are we going to celebrate your 70th birthday like this You cant bully us like this!”

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu smiled in satisfaction.

“Ill drink more with you guys tonight.


Lu Heting and Su Bei also arrived at the old residence.

He wanted to spend more time with Su Bei, so Lu Heting did not get down from the car.

After they got down from the car, the two of them would pretend not to know each other.

“The birthday banquet wont last long.

Ill leave with you and our sons before 11.

Ill pass the rest of the duties to Weijian,” Lu Heting said to Su Bei.

“Go in first, then.

Ill go over later,” Lu Heting said softly and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Su Bei got out of the car first.

She was dressed in a dignified long dress tonight that was very suitable for this occasion.

She was low-key and not eye-catching.

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