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Da Bao took out the portrait of Old Master Lu that he had drawn.

The sharpness of his strokes and his creative expression shocked everyone around him.

“This doesnt look like the work of a five-year-old kid.

Hes indeed a genius!” These words were completely sincere and not just flattery.

Those who knew something about art could not help but step forward to observe.

Old Master Lu knew a little about art as well.

Seeing how talented Da Bao was, he could not help but laugh out loud in satisfaction.

Liao Xintong sensed that something was wrong, but she couldnt figure out what it was.

Her friends behind her also didnt dare to speak in front of Old Master Lu.

Old Master Lu stretched out his hand in a gesture to quiet the noise in the room.

He said, “Everyone, thank you all for attending this old mans birthday banquet today.

Im very grateful, and Id like to make an especially important announcement here.

This old man is very fortunate.

My child, Heting, has given me another precious grandson…”

Everyone was shocked.


Lu had another child

Immediately, everyone looked at Da Bao.

Previously, they did not dare to link Da Bao and Lu Heting together.

Now that Old Master Lu had made it clear, everyone was instantly enlightened and realized something at this point.

“Thats right.

Its this child, Da Bao.

Today, Ill formally introduce my Da Bao to everyone.

Da Bao, come, lets greet all the grandparents, uncles, and aunties here.” Old Master Lu held Da Baos hand.

Da Baos expression was calm.

He did not show his emotions on his face like an ordinary child.

He nodded and greeted everyone.

Everyone finally knew where his aura came from.

It was the aura of Mr.


They were both an exact match!

Liao Xintong was shocked.

She never thought that Da Bao was Lu Hetings son! He looked more like Lu Heting than Gun Gun!

What was crueler was that Da Bao had nothing to do with her.

If she had an absolute advantage in the past, she would have lost more than half of it now.

She was feeling terrible in her heart, but she still had to maintain the smile on her face.

She wanted to know who Da Baos mother was and what kind of woman she was.

It was a pity that Old Master Lu did not introduce her or even mention her.

No one dared to ask either.

Therefore, they only knew about Da Bao and did not know about Mr.

Lus relationship.

Some people also thought to themselves, “Since Mr.

Lu has Gun Gun, whats so odd about him having Da Bao Hes so rich and powerful.

Of course, he should have more children.”

“Da Bao looks more like Mr.

Lu than Gun Gun, but the mother still doesnt have the chance to enter the Lu family.

It looks like Mr.

Lu only wants sons and not a wife.”

This could be considered a common practice for rich men.

Everyone was used to it.

Someone immediately recalled the fact that Da Bao was only five years old and had already skipped grades to the first year of junior high school.

The admiration in their hearts emerged.

“Congratulations, Old Master.

Little Master Da Bao is a genius.

I heard that hes only five years old but hell be in the first year of junior high school next semester.”

“Little Master Da Bao is exactly the same as Mr.


I heard that back then, Mr.

Lu completed all his university courses before he was 12 years old.

We didnt have the chance to witness Mr.

Lus intelligence and wisdom when he was young.

Now, however, we can get a glimpse of Little Master Da Baos talent.”

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