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Weijian, Im saying that its best to get people who can be trusted to be Gun Guns playmates.

Now that society is in such a mess, it wont be good if something were to happen.

Especially with Gun Guns noble status, Im afraid that some people will approach him with ulterior motives,” Liao Xintong said gently as if she had Gun Guns best interests in mind.

Lu Weijian nodded in agreement.

“Youre right.

I think so too.

My elder brother will find this reasonable too.

Its best that Gun Guns playmate is someone from the family.

Outsiders are bound to be distrustful.

Theyll only cause trouble.”

Liao Xintong was overjoyed.

Lu Weijian had always been against her, and it was good enough that he didnt criticize her.

This time, he even agreed with her.

It was rare of him.

She became even gentler.


Weijians words make sense.”

So, the Lu family should hurry up and chase that child called Da Bao out! No matter which family he was from, the Lu family would probably have the gall to drive them all away, right

Everyone here had high statuses, so they shared such concerns as well.

They hoped that their childrens friends were from families they knew well so that their children wouldnt be used by others.

Many were concerned about their childrens safety too.

Hence, Liao Xintongs words garnered the approval of many people.

“Yes, thats true.”

“Thats right.

Miss Liao and Mr.

Weijian are right.”

At this moment, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu werent listening to what they were saying seriously.

Instead, they kept looking around because they hadnt seen Da Bao since they came in.

Seeing their expressions, Liao Xintong thoughtfully asked, “Grandpa Lu, Grandma Lu, are you looking for someone”

“Thats right, Xintong.

Weijian, have you seen Da Bao” Old Madam Lu asked.

Liao Xintong was shocked.

From what Old Madam Lu said, could it be that Da Bao was a distinguished guest of the Lu family

Lu Weijian immediately said, “Dont worry, Grandma.

Ill go look for him right away.”

“Theres no need to look.

My Big Brother Da Bao is over there!” Gun Gun was carried high up and could see far.

He pointed at Da Baos position and waved.

Everyone saw that Old Madam Lu was looking for Big Bao and took the initiative to make way for him.

Liao Xintongs heart was filled with apprehension.

Which family did Da Bao belong to Why didnt she have any impression of him

“Da Bao, quickly come over to Great-grandma!” Old Madam Lus face was full of joy and urgency, while her voice was filled with kindness.

Everyone was guessing which family this child belonged to…

Da Bao was wearing a decent suit.

When children wore suits, they always acted like adults.

Even so, they looked so adorable and it would be hard for them to look imposing.

However, when everyone looked at Da Bao, they realized that his temperament had really surpassed many adults with status.

He slowly walked over.

Under everyones probing gaze, his expression was calm and his steps were steady.

His appearance made people feel as if they had seen him somewhere before.

He was so familiar, but they could not recall when they had seen such an imposing little boy.

Old Madam Lu had already bent down and carried Da Bao.

“Da Bao, are you tired The house is a little big.

I was really afraid that youd be too tired.”

“Im alright, Great-grandmother.” Da Bao nodded gently.

“It took me a while to prepare a gift for Great-grandfather just now.

Ive worried you.

Great-grandfather, I wish you both good fortune and longevity!”

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