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Liao Xintong really did not expect that Cao Tong would be defeated by a five-year-old child!

Fortunately, it did not affect the overall situation.

Before she could salvage the situation, a tall and beautiful woman had already opened her mouth to speak, “Sigh, I wonder whose child this is If he isnt friends with Little Master Gun Gun, how could he have come to the Lu family No matter how good he is, theres also a limit.

Theres nothing about him worth so much praise, right”

Some people immediately understood.

How could they praise other children in the Lu familys home It was more appropriate to praise Gun Gun.

Moreover, Da Bao had been here for half a day, but they did not see his parents coming to look for him.

It seemed that he did not come from a very rich family.

The reason he could come here today was probably because of Gun Gun.

He was probably Gun Guns playmate.

“Thats right.

A child like him can only work hard in a big company when he grows up.”

“Its still Gun Gun and Cao Tong who are lucky.

No matter what, theyll be the successors of big companies in the future.”

Someone said, “Old Master Lu is here!”

Everyone hurriedly looked in the direction of the person.

Old Master Lu was hale and hearty.

He walked over with Old Madam Lu and Lu Weijian.

The two elderly didnt look old at all.

Their footsteps were bright, and they seemed to be in good condition.

Everyone hurriedly said congratulatory words as they gathered around.

In an instant, the sound of people congratulating them could be heard incessantly.

Old Master Lu also cupped his hands in thanks.

“Thank you, everyone, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit.

Thank you!”

Liao Xintong wanted to hold Gun Guns hand, but Gun Gun had already run toward Old Madam Lu.


“My Little Gun Gun, let me carry you!” Old Madam Lu hugged the little fella but did not manage to.

Lu Weijian picked him up instead.

When everyone saw this, they laughed kindly.

“Little Master Gun Gun has grown taller!”

“Hes a little stronger, just like our little brat.

I cant even carry him anymore.”

Gun Gun sat in Lu Weijians arms and said to Old Master Lu obediently, “Great-grandpa, I wish you a long life and great fortune.”

Old Master Lu smiled so widely that his eyes narrowed.

Even a hundred blessings from an outsider couldnt compare to Gun Guns blessing.

He said happily, “Okay, okay.

Thank you, my good baby.”

Liao Xintong hurriedly took this opportunity to bring Cao Tong over to greet them.

She said, “Cao Tong has recently skipped a grade.

Hes doing pretty well in his studies.

In the future, he can tutor Gun Gun.”

The elders of the Lu family would not reject outstanding children to be friends with Gun Gun.

However, before the two elders could speak, Gun Gun said, “I dont need his company.

Hes not as good as Big Brother Da Bao!”

This was the truth.

Cao Tong and Liao Xintong had already been slapped in their face.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu nodded in satisfaction, agreeing with Gun Gun.

Indeed, how many children could compare to Da Bao

However, Liao Xintong still wanted to salvage the situation.

“Grandpa Lu, Cao Tong is a child of the family, after all.

No matter what, he wont have any ulterior motives.

If Gun Gun is with him, at least you dont have to worry about his safety.”

In other words, Gun Guns other playmates might be problematic.

The others nodded in agreement, but no one dared to say anything in front of Old Master Lu.

Lu Weijian was furious.

“Miss Liao, what did you just say”

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