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“Who says I dont know Big Brother Da Bao is in the fifth grade now! He doesnt need to go to the sixth grade.

Hell be entering the first year of junior high next semester!” Gun Gun immediately retorted.

“Does this ten-year-old student have any exam papers on him Why dont we let Big Brother Da Bao give them a try”

Seeing that Gun Guns words sounded reasonable and logical, the adults were surprised.

They really wanted to confirm for themselves that Gun Gun was speaking the truth.

Whose child was this He was almost done with primary school at the age of five

Cao Tong always carried the exam papers he took to qualify entering the first year of junior high with him.

He had scored 95 points in all the papers.

His result was so outstanding that the teachers were amazed.

He took out a few blank exam papers and handed them to Da Bao.

Liao Xintong was happy to see this happen.

The elders of the Lu family were all outstanding people.

It was said that Lu Heting had completed his university studies at the age of 12, and at the age of 15, he could handle the familys affairs and take charge of the family business.

They would definitely prefer people with outstanding abilities.

It was not that Liao Xintong looked down on Da Bao but he was really too young.

He probably had to drink milk at night, yet he was able to compete with Cao Tong in academics

When playing games, one could win through sheer luck.

These questions, however, could not be easily solved.

Yao Siyi smiled.

“Gun Gun is so cute.

He likes to protect his friends so much.”

Yao Jing said harshly, “I dont know which family this child is from.

Im afraid his family is making him stay by Gun Guns side to achieve their goals.

Tong Tong, you have to be careful.”

Even without her reminder, Liao Xintong was already very vigilant.

Not everyone could compete for her position.

However, if someone made a move on Gun Gun, it would be impossible to guard against them.

Da Bao seemed to have already gained Gun Guns heart.

She really had to spend some effort to deal with this matter.

If necessary, she had to be ruthless…

As she was thinking, she heard the adults exclaim in surprise.

Many of the guests present had professional knowledge.

Hence, they could tell right answers from wrong with just a glance.

This child, who was still so young, had casually written down the answers on the test paper and soon finished the last two questions.

The last two questions were slightly more difficult.

His thought process actually included concepts that completely exceeded the things taught at the elementary and middle school level.

He was using the things taught to students in their second year of high school and solved the questions easily!

“This… This is a true genius!” someone cried out in admiration.

Someone exclaimed, “Oh my God! I thought he was wrong until he got to the last step.”

“Everything is correct.

Theres no error at all.

Its perfect!”

Even though everyone here had high statuses, they could not help but be impressed.

This five-year-old was simply too awesome!

Cao Tongs face turned completely pale when he heard everyones words.

He had been racking his brain and studying hard the whole time.

He had hired countless tutors in order to score 95 points in all his exam papers just so he could skip a grade.

Because the Liao family had high hopes for him and hoped that he could become good friends with Gun Gun, they spared no effort in nurturing him.

This child was only half his age, yet he easily solved these questions.

Liao Xintong did not expect to learn that Da Bao was not joking when he claimed he would defeat Cao Tong.

It seemed that this Da Bao had really stolen all the limelight and even made Cao Tong appear useless!

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