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Da Bao was too young, and Cao Tong did not take him seriously.

Hence, he did not use his full strength.

And it was precisely because of this that Cao Tong was killed in one move ten seconds after the match started.

Everyone was still happily discussing!

“Game Over!” A female voice announced, and the game ended.

There were people who didnt see clearly who lost and said with a smile, “Cao Tong really isnt bad.”

“As expected of a genius.”

“The Liao familys genes are really good!”

“Gun Gun has the genes of the Lu family and the Liao family.


Gun Gun jumped up anxiously.

“Look carefully.

My Big Brother Da Bao is the one who won!”

Only then did everyone see that Da Bao was still as calm as before while Cao Tongs expression was very ugly.

In other words, Da Bao defeated Cao Tong within ten seconds

The Cao Tong who had always been known as a genius youth

“Oh my God! Da Bao is so cool!”

“If I were Gun Gun, I would choose Da Bao too!”

“Da Bao, I want to call youBig Brother too!”

Cao Tongs face lost all color.

Liao Xintong explained with a smile, “Actually, Cao Tong has always liked to give in to his juniors.

Also, its not good for children to play too many games.

They hurt their eyes, so children shouldnt learn to play so many games.”

Immediately, someone added, “Thats right.

Children should prioritize their studies.

Dont just indulge in games like this.”

“Thats right.

Whats the point of being so skilled at playing games Its better to focus on studying instead of messing up your mind.”

“Look at Cao Tong.

Hes only ten years old, yet hes already advanced to the first year of junior high.

Hes using his intelligence the right way.

If you have the intelligence and drive, you should study hard and strive to skip grades like Cao Tong.”

Some people wanted to curry favor with Cao Tong, but there were still quite a few guests who truly liked Da Bao.

This child looked cold on both the outside and inside.

However, one look and one could tell that he was smart and had a bright future.

However, who were his parents

It was just that these guests couldnt go against Liao Xintong and directly praise Da Bao.

Liao Xintong smiled and said to Gun Gun, “Gun Gun, can you learn from Cao Tong as well Study more and play fewer games.”

She found an excuse to belittle Da Bao and could not wait to take advantage of the situation.

When the elders of the Lu family came later, they would praise her for being sensible.

After all, she was doing it for Gun Guns sake.

As for Da Bao, who only knew how to play games with Gun Gun, he would probably be despised by the elders of the Lu family.

Gun Gun saw that Da Bao had won the game yet these people were still talking badly about him.

They clearly meant to say that Da Bao was not good.

His little face turned red.

“Whats so great about advancing to the first year of junior high”

Seeing that he looked very cute when he was fuming, everyone explained, “Its very impressive because many children have to be 12 or 13 years old before they can enter the first year of junior high.

Cao Tong is only ten years old this year and hes about to enter the first year of junior high.”

“Big Brother Da Bao is in fifth grade now.

Hell also be in the first year of junior high next semester!” Gun Gun said immediately.

“And Big Brother Da Bao is turning five soon! But Big Brother Da Bao doesnt think that hes very smart.

He still reads books and studies every day!”

When everyone heard that Gun Gun was protecting Da Bao, they felt that he was too adorable.

However, his words were too exaggerated.

No one believed him.

They smiled and said, “A five-year-old child should be attending primary school next semester, right”

“Little Young Master Gun Gun is still young, so he might not know what skipping grades means.”

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