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At this moment, there were already many guests gathered around.

When they heard that Little Young Master Gun Gun was here, they all wanted to come over and take a look at him.

Gun Gun was indeed lively and cute.

He was round and adorable, making everyone want to pinch him.

Hearing that he liked to play games and that Cao Tong was indeed an expert in this, they all smiled and said, “Let Cao Tong try.”

Gun Gun raised his head.

“No matter how powerful Cao Tong is, he cant compare to Big Brother Da Bao.”

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that there was a little boy beside Gun Gun.

This little boy was taller than Gun Gun by a head, and his eyes were slightly cold.

He looked to be about five years old, but there was already a faint oppressive aura on his body.

After all, not many people had seen Lu Heting when he was young, so no one thought of him.

When the few young girls saw that Da Bao was handsome, cool, and unbelievably good-looking, they could not help but exclaim, “Hes too handsome! I wonder what hell look like when he grows up”

“Thats right.

I wonder how many hearts of young girls hell break when he grows up”

“Stop talking.

My heart has already been given to him.”

“I want to pinch you…” someone said as they held their own face.

No one dared to actually pinch Da Bao.

Even if he wasnt from the Lu family, to be able to appear on such an occasion, his status must be extraordinary.

Although they did not dare to pinch Da Bao, everyone dared to publicly praise Cao Tong and Gun Gun, slighting Da Bao.

Even if Da Baos parents came, they might very well be convinced by these peoples words.

“Gun Gun, Cao Tong is definitely better than Da Bao!”

“Thats right, thats right.

If you dont believe me, let them compete.”

Gun Gun was very unhappy.

Someone actually said that Big Brother Da Bao was not good enough!

He shook Big Brother Da Baos hand.

“Big Brother Da Bao, lets ignore them.

Theyre so annoying! Big Brother Da Bao, youre the best!”

Seeing everyones attitude, Da Bao couldnt bear to disappoint Gun Gun.

He reached out to touch Gun Guns head and said, “Ill defeat him.”

When they heard Da Bao say this, although he sounded very imposing, he was still just a little kid.

Everyone laughed.

Cao Tong smiled even more happily.

“Im very happy to be challenged by you.”

Liao Xintong rebuked softly, “Cao Tong, youre older than Da Bao, so you need to be lenient and humble with your juniors.

Do you understand”

It seemed like Cao Tong had already won and he just wanted to see the gap between them.

Everyone felt that there was nothing wrong with this.

There was no doubt that Cao Tong would win against Da Bao.

“Come on!” Cao Tong said.

In the small hall here, they would play a game on a console and each of them would have a controller.

It was more convenient than using a phone or computer.

When they heard that Cao Tong, this genius youth, was going to compete with a little kid in a game, it quickly got more guests to come over.

Everyone was just laughing and watching the fun.

They all knew in their hearts that Da Bao was just cannon fodder that was being used to help Cao Tong and Gun Gun.

Cao Tong started the game and handed Da Bao a controller.

He chose the two-person battle mode.

This game was usually played on the internet and many people would be on the same team.

If it was a two-person battle, it would not be so complicated as they just needed to fight directly.

Generally speaking, it would take about five to ten minutes for two experts to decide the victor.

The more evenly matched the two sides were, the longer it would take.

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