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Her facial features were on the bigger side as well, and her style was fiery.

She was not the type of beauty that met the standards of people in S Country.

Although her younger sister, Yao Siyi, was petite, there were many flaws in her looks too.

For one, her face was flat.

The two sisters were not standard beauties.

Not only did they not pose a threat to Liao Xintong but they would instead make Liao Xintong appear more graceful and charming.

This was also one of the reasons why Liao Xintong liked to bring these two sisters along with her wherever she went.

Gun Gun was playing with Da Bao in a small living room.

Da Bao had a quiet personality and didnt like crowded places.

Su Bei hadnt come over yet, so he was staying here.

“Big Brother Da Bao, help me.” Gun Gun was begging him to help him play a game.

This game required a very fast hand speed.

Gun Guns hand speed was fast, but his fingers were too short.

It would affect his performance, so he loved watching Da Bao play.

Da Bao said helplessly, “Just one round!”

“Yes, just one round.

I love watching Big Brother Da Bao play games!” Gun Gun immediately sat down happily.

Liao Xintong did not think much of Da Bao.

She did not notice that he looked like Lu Heting when he was young.

After all, she had never seen Lu Heting when he was young.

“Gun Gun, look whos here! How about letting Cao Tong play with you” Liao Xintong said with a smile.

Gun Gun looked at her and Cao Tong, saying, “No, I want to see Big Brother Da Bao play.”

“Cao Tong is good at playing games too.

Moreover, he always wins this game.” Liao Xintong did not know Da Baos identity, but regardless, she could not let him take away the position that Cao Tong was supposed to have.

Cao Tong was the one who should accompany Gun Gun.

Gun Guns childish voice was firm.

“Ive never seen anyone who can play better than Big Brother Da Bao!”

cCao Tong took a look at Da Bao.

He was just a little brat.

He had been praised and flattered for quite a while just now.

Now, he could not wait to prove himself.

He said, “Gun Gun, thats because you havent seen me play.”

Yao Siyi also spoke up for Cao Tong, “Thats right, Little Young Master Gun Gun.

If youve seen Cao Tong play games, you wouldnt say that.

This Da Bao is your friend, right After all, hes still too young.

How could he be better than Cao Tong”

Cao Tong patted his chest and said, “Im already ten years old! Also, Im already in the first year of junior high! Besides, I won first prize in a national competition for computer programming!”

He listed down his achievements.

Usually, the children would be looking at him with admiration by now!

But at this moment, Gun Gun had a disapproving look on his face.

That was because his Big Brother Da Bao was more powerful than anyone else.

He had seen the best, so if he saw another kid who was just good in the ordinary sense, there was nothing for him to be amazed about.

Da Bao was a genius in his own right.

When he heard Cao Tongs words, he didnt even look at him from the corners of his eyes.

He couldnt even be bothered to look at Cao Tong.

Yao Siyi smiled and said to Liao Xintong, “Children are children.

They dont have any concept of this kind of thing.

Im afraid theyll only know how good Cao Tong is if they compete with him.”

Liao Xintong had the same thought.

A boy as big as Gun Gun would admire the strongest.

She could not handle Gun Gun, but Cao Tong was the one with the highest chance of succeeding.

Therefore, it was necessary for Cao Tong to display his abilities.

She smiled and said to Gun Gun, “Gun Gun, why dont you let Cao Tong play a game and you can watch”

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