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Everyone greeted Liao Xintong.

When they saw Cao Tong, they praised, “This is Miss Liaos nephew, right Hes really good-looking!”

“Thank you.” Liao Xintong smiled and patted Cao Tongs head.

Cao Tong was quite tall.

He was only ten years old, but he was already 1.6 meters tall.

It could be seen that his features were quite good.

Someone immediately praised him.

“I heard that hes only ten years old this year but is about to enter the first year of junior high school.

He jumped a grade to get there.

Hes nothing like our familys brat.

Hes already 13 years old but barely managed to get into the first year.”

Usually, one would be 12 years old in the first year of junior high.

Cao Tong was only ten years old, yet he had already advanced.

It was indeed worthy of praise.

He was in his adolescence.

When he heard these praises, he had a disapproving look on his face as if all of this was normal.

However, he was still happy and said, “I got 95 points for all three subjects before I could make it into the first year.

Full marks are 100 points!”

“Thats a really excellent result.

Very impressive!” The others praised him even more.

“Amazing, amazing! The younger generation will surpass us with time.”

Cao Tong immediately said, “Im also very good at computer programming! I won first prize in a national competition!”

“Thats really too amazing! The Liao familys genes might just be inherently good, so not only is Cao Tong so amazing but Gun Gun too!”

Everyone was praising the Liao family because they wanted to praise Gun Gun too.

After all, they were related by blood.

Immediately, the topic shifted to Gun Gun.

“Gun Gun is the smartest and cutest child Ive ever seen.

Theres no other like him.”

“Of course.

Dont you know who Gun Guns father is Do you need to emphasize such words”

“Hey, I wonder wheres Gun Gun”

Immediately, someone laughed and said, “Gun Gun is cute, but he doesnt like strangers.

Im afraid only Miss Liao knows where Gun Gun is, right”

“Miss Liao, when you see Gun Gun later, please be generous and bring him to see us.

We hope to get lucky from interacting with him.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Miss Liao, you must do us this favor.”

Liao Xintong smiled and said, “Of course.

Gun Gun is the little young master of this banquet.

Hell definitely come out to meet everyone later and do his best as a host.”

In other words, she was already considered half a mistress.

That was why she was greeting everyone so warmly and even chatting with them.

Seeing Liao Xintongs behavior, everyone was even more convinced that her future status might not be as simple as that of Gun Guns aunt.

When Liao Xintong saw that she had said plenty and she might slip up if she continued, she held Cao Tongs hand and said, “Lets go and find Gun Gun.”

Because Cao Tong was very outstanding, the elders of the Lu family were not against him coming over.

What Liao Xintong meant was that it would be even better if Cao Tong could build a good relationship with Gun Gun.

Because of what Gun Gun said the last time, Liao Xintong suffered a huge enough blow that she had yet to recover from it.

Hence, this time, she was trying all means to salvage this.

Yao Jing and Yao Siyi followed her with a smile.

“Tong Tong, well go with you.”

“Sure.” Liao Xintong agreed readily and did not reject the pair of sisters.

The elder sister among the sisters, Yao Jing, had a fiery temper.

Her skin was bronze like Europeans and Americans, while her frame was very big.

She wasnt gentle and beautiful.

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