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“Forget it.

Its not like you dont know how Heting has always kept a low profile.

Just go along with his arrangements.

Besides, you can still flaunt Da Bao.” Old Master Lu could only think of using Da Bao to comfort his hurt heart.

Old Madam Lu was the same.

She had already taken out her phone and pulled up the video she had recorded of Da Bao.

She needed to use this to make herself feel better.

“Aiyo, look! My Da Bao is so good-looking.

I cant get enough of him no matter how much I look at him.” Old Madam Lu was all smiles.

“Let me see, let me see.

Give it to me!” Old Master Lu reached out and snatched the phone.

“Lets watch it together!”

It had been a long time since such a joyous and harmonious scene took place in the Lu familys old residence.

On the day of Old Master Lus 70th birthday, the Lu familys old residence welcomed many guests.

Apart from the relatives of the Lu family, the other guests who were invited were all prominent figures in Jingdu City.

They either had some achievements in the finance world, were outstanding in business, or had made special contributions in certain fields.

Of course, there were exceptions, and that was Liao Xintong and her friends.

After all, many people in this small circle knew about the relationship between Gun Gun and Liao Xintong.

They knew that she was his real aunt.

The Lu family was kind to her and invited her here today as a guest.

It was not a big deal for Liao Xintong to bring a few friends over.

However, Weijian didnt expect his grandfather to add Liao Xintongs name.

The old man was distressed that Gun Gun didnt have a mother since he was young, so he valued Gun Guns aunt a lot and specially invited her.

Lu Weijian was caught off guard.

Liao Xintong had come fully dressed up.

She had gone for a spa treatment a few days ago, and her skin was looking flawless.

She had specially put on exquisite makeup, and the moment she appeared, it seemed like she had made a pre-emptive strike.

When they saw her, many guests were well aware of her identity and raised their glasses to greet her.

Their attitudes were also very good.

“Hello, Miss Liao.”

“Miss Liao, youre looking really radiant and dazzling today.”

Some people even stayed by her side to chat and compliment her.

Everyone knew that she was Gun Guns aunt.

Who knew when she might become Gun Guns mother Who would dare to neglect her

Even Liao Xintongs friends received a lot of attention.

Among the people Liao Xintong brought today, one of them was only ten years old.

He was her uncles son, Cao Tong.

As her parents didnt have a son and they were too old to conceive now, they especially doted on Cao Tong.

They treated him as her own.

They thought of relying on him when they got old and used Cao Tong to comfort themselves for not having a son.

Among the other three people Liao Xintong brought with her today, two of them were sisters.

The elder sister was called Yao Jing while the younger sister was called Yao Siyi.

They had a good relationship with Liao Xintong and were daughters of a famous family in the capital.

Their family also had some business dealings with Lu Corporation.

The last person was Yao Siyis husband, Li Wei.

Strictly speaking, these few people had never attended the birthday banquets held by the Lu family before this.

However, their family backgrounds were extraordinary and they knew some of the guests present.

Hence, there was nothing abrupt or odd about their appearance.

Moreover, they came with Liao Xintong.

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