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Chapter 90: Chapter 90 No One Is Allowed to Enter Without a Pass

Su Beis reply made the expression on Su Huixians face change slightly.

She thought to herself,Youre really shameless! I just invited you to show that Im being polite, and you took it seriously

Du Luos heart skipped a beat.

He couldnt help but wonder if Su Bei was here to see him.

When Su Xingfu saw that his two daughters were talking happily, he said, “Lets all eat together then.”

Xu Zhiqin seemed to remember something suddenly and said, “Weve made a reservation and ordered food only for four people.

If Su Bei joins us, Im afraid there wont be enough food.

We may disappoint her.

Why not invite her next time”

Su Bei smiled.

“Actually, I also have a reservation here, so I cant really join you guys.”

As she spoke, a waiter approached her and said, “Hello, Miss Su.

Nice to see you!”

Learning her lesson, Su Huixian didnt take the initiative to respond to the name “Miss Su” this time.

Sure enough, the waiter was not referring to her because Su Bei nodded at the waiter.

Then the waiter said respectfully, “Miss Su, your reservation on the top floor is ready.

Please follow me.”

Hearing the waiters faint words, Su Huixian felt a little uncomfortable.

This hotel had excellent cuisines, so there were always many people making reservations.

It was not easy to book a table here.

In fact, Su Huixian called this hotel a few days in advance just to make a reservation, but she couldnt get a table on the top floor.

So she had no other choice but to book a table on another floor.

How did Su Bei manage to book a table on the top floor

She looked at Su Xingfu and said, “Dad, no wonder Su Bei doesnt want to join us for dinner.

It turns out that she has a reservation on the top floor.

I think only VIPs can dine on the top floor, and the private rooms there have to be reserved a month in advance.”

Su Huixians words were clearly insinuating that Su Bei couldnt possibly manage to make a reservation on the top floor by herself.

It was very likely that she hooked up with a rich man.

This made Su Xingfu suspicious at once.

So he said, “You go to our table first.

Ill just go to the restroom.”

But the truth was, he followed Su Bei into the elevator.

He would never allow her to discredit him.

If she really hooked up with a rich man, the Su family would be disgraced by her.

Knowing that Su Xingfu followed Su Bei, Su Huixian smiled with relief.

No matter who Su Bei was seeing upstairs, Su Xingfu would definitely do something to separate them.

She knew that he would be furious if he caught Su Bei flirting with a man.

Even if he couldnt catch Su Bei on the act, he would still scold Su Bei.

This was a good deal for her.

Su Xingfu knew Su Huixians plan to embarrass Su Bei.

But as the head of the Su family, he had to teach Su Bei a lesson.

Otherwise, what would people think of him if he let Su Bei make trouble

Su Xingfu followed Su Bei all the way to the top floor.

But he was stopped by the security guard.

“Sir, please show me your pass.”

“I have a reservation downstairs.

Im just here to see a friend,” he said.

“Im sorry, sir.

But no one is allowed to enter without a pass.” The security guard was not swayed.

Su Xingfu didnt expect that the top floor was guarded, and it was so difficult to enter.

It turned out that he needed a pass to get in there.

This had made him doubt Su Bei even more.

The security guard strongly asked him to leave, so he had no other choice but to leave sulkily.

The waiter led Su Bei into a private room.

Lu Heting and the two lawyers were already inside.

She found out that the two lawyers surnames were Tian and Zhou, and they worked for Di Xing Media Company all year round.

It was an entertainment company under Lu Group, so of course, they were experienced and well-known in the legal field.

They were especially good at handling contract disputes.

The lawyers were big shots in their profession, but they rarely saw Lu Heting.

So when he asked them to do something for him, they felt so honored.

However, being invited by him to dinner personally to thank them was something they had never imagined.


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