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“Su Bei, listen to my explanation.

I didnt mean it that way…” Du Luo could sense that the words sounded offensive when Su Bei put it that way and quickly tried to make up for it.

Su Bei stopped in her tracks.

Her eyes were clear and solemn as she looked at Du Luo.

She said steadily, “Mr.

Du, please dont be too narrow-minded.

Although there are people in this circle who arent innocent, there are also many who rely on their own hard work to succeed.

Not every bright and beautiful girl you see has given in to the unspoken rules that you speak of.”

A downtrodden good girl was equivalent to a good girl who did not accept the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry Who taught him that This was an insult to all the women who were talented and willing to work hard!

“Please avoid me the next time you see me, Mr.


I really dont deserve your praise!”

Su Beis lips curled into a smile.

After saying that, she turned around, leaving only the sight of her beautiful and cold back.

Du Luo held the check between his fingers for a long time, unable to come back to his senses.

Su Bei was too lazy to read the scripts in the company.

If she had known that she would meet Du Luo here, she would have gone home early to read.

She just wanted to stay in the company so that she could be in a formal atmosphere.

Why was she so unlucky

After she left, Du Luo came out of the conference room.

Su Huixian and Tang Yue also came out of the office at this moment.

They saw Su Bei and Du Luo walking out of the conference room one after another.

Tang Yue looked at Su Huixian sympathetically, then looked down on Su Bei.

As expected, she was hooking up with people wherever she went.

Du Luo, Du Jinghao… Was it still not enough for her She really felt sorry for that chauffeur surnamed Lu.

Su Huixian felt like she had been stabbed by a knife when Tang Yue looked at her.

She really didnt expect that Su Bei would still covet Du Luo and deliberately make her feel uneasy.

She must remember this debt and settle it with Su Bei!

Before Su Bei could choose a script, it was Old Master Lus 70th birthday.

Usually, his birthday banquets would just be a casual meal with the family.

They were not made into grand affairs.

However, this year was different.

It was the most important day of the year, and everyones attention was on it.

Old Master Lus birthday was the best time for everyone to befriend him.

This was also a sign that Lu Corporation was running smoothly and was accepting more business partners.

Old Master Lu was in a good mood because he had Da Bao as his grandson this year.

He had been planning for this birthday for a long time.

Lu Heting arranged for Lu Weijian to replace him while he brought his subordinates to prepare for the banquet.

Lu Heting only reminded Old Master Lu of one thing, saying, “Su Bei wont be revealing her identity for the time being.

You dont have to introduce her to the guests this year.”

Old Master Lu thought to himself,What is he saying

But since Lu Heting had specifically mentioned it, he agreed.

Old Madam Lu asked, “Why is that so It wasnt easy for us to get a daughter-in-law.

Were just planning to show off a little, so why cant we introduce her”

“Have you forgotten that the child is an actress I heard that in their line of work, they have to hide their marriage.

Dont ask anymore.

If you ask Heting again, he wont come back.”

Old Madam Lu shook her head.

“Hidden marriage, huh Is our Lu family so unpresentable Why is she being so secretive! Ive already called my best friends and told them that Ill introduce my granddaughter-in-law to them later.

“Great! Now its like I was deliberately boasting.

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