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Remember his phone number Since Su Bei knew that she would not be looking for him again, she had already deleted his number from her brain and phone.

Du Luo saw this and took the initiative to say, “Su Bei, have you ever thought that if we get back together…”

“Stop, Mr.


Youre already engaged to another woman, okay Do you think its appropriate for you to say this to me now” Su Bei interrupted him.

Du Luo thought of Su Huixian and couldnt bear to hurt her.

However, the current Su Bei made his heart ache even more.

Her small face was covered by her long hair.

Her skin was so fair that there was not a single blemish on it.

She seemed pitiful.

In the past, she was always so headstrong and arrogant.

If she were a little cuter, perhaps he might not have been able to let her go at all, just like now.

Du Luo whispered, “Perhaps we can start over.

After all, she and I are not married yet.”

“Do you agree, Su Bei” Du Luo looked happy.


Du, thank you for your love, but its better for you to marry the woman youve chosen.

Its impossible between us.

Besides, I think you prefer weak and helpless girls.

Sorry, Im not that kind of person.

Please leave.

I still have work to do!”

Su Beis words struck a chord in Du Luos heart.

He indeed preferred the weak and helpless type.

It was precisely because of this that Su Huixian could win his affection more than Su Bei.

But now, Su Bei was slightly down and out.

His heart was biased toward Su Bei again.

He could also clearly sense that Su Bei was the one who was more worthy of love.

Su Huixians actions had already caused half of his confidence to crumble.

“Su Bei, I think I like you more…”

Su Bei was speechless.

“I dont like you.


Du, dont you know that everything changed the moment you made your decision No one will endlessly wait for you, okay And I dont remember your phone number either.

Since were already broken up, lets just go back to being strangers, okay”

She arranged her scripts and got up to leave.

Du Luo quickly said, “Your check…”

A mocking smile appeared on Su Beis dark red lips.

Her expression reverted to the arrogant and uncompromising one Du Luo had seen before.

This made Du Luo retract his hand slightly.

Su Bei said, “Mr.

Du, have you forgotten that Im a member of the Tang family now”

Although she had never relied on the Tang family, her identity alone was enough for Du Luo to think twice.

Du Luo was stunned.

He had always known this, but it was probably because Su Bei did not change her surname and never officially announced her identity as a member of the Tang family to the public that he had selectively forgotten that she was now the eldest daughter of the Tang family.

She was now someone even he could not reach.

Why would she need his pity

Du Luo said embarrassedly, “Im sorry, I really forgot.

Its just that looking at you now, I know you definitely havent accepted the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry.

Youre a good girl, so I wanted to help you.”

Su Bei had originally planned to leave, but when she heard his words, she couldnt help but turn around to say, “Looking at me now You think my current downtrodden state is because I havent accepted the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry In other words, if I have a trophy in my hand and abundant resources, then youll think its because of those unspoken rules, right”

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