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Yue Ze did not rush her.

He knew that given her current situation, she would definitely choose the most suitable script.

Although she was a good actress, her exposure was much lower now than when she was a supermodel.

He would not randomly accept jobs for her.

“Ill go to the conference room to take a look at these.” Su Bei picked up the scripts and went straight to the conference room.

Sheng Tang Entertainment.

Su Huixian and Tang Yue were chatting as they walked into the office.

Ever since Tang Yue and Du Jinghao got engaged, Su Huixian and Tang Yue became closer.

After all, Du Jinghao and Du Luo were cousins, so Su Huixian and Tang Yue could be considered sisters-in-law now.

Of course, Su Bei was still the only one who could bring the two so close together.

After Du Luo finished his work, he came to fetch Su Huixian.

Even though he was disappointed in what Su Huixian had done previously, she was still the woman he chose.

Since he had chosen her, he needed to protect their relationship.

However, when he stood at the entrance of Sheng Tang Entertainment, he seemed a little distracted.

He lit a cigarette and casually smoked.

Some of the ashes fell on his suit, so Du Luo walked into the building, planning to find a washroom to tidy up.

As he walked in, he saw a familiar figure sitting in an empty conference room.

That beautiful figure had been lingering in Du Luos mind for a long time.

He had also been paying attention to the entertainment news, but recently, there was very little news about Su Bei.

He couldnt obtain Su Beis personal information from external channels either.

Rumor had it that ever since she withdrew from the modeling industry, she could only film.

Coincidentally, she also offended the great investor, Mr.


There were also rumors that she was no longer modeling because she had offended a couple of others.

He might not believe all the rumors, but it was undeniable that her exposure recently was at least ten times lower than when she was at her peak.

Thinking of this, Du Luo could not help but feel an indescribable pain in his heart.

He couldnt help but walk toward Su Bei.

Su Bei was seriously reading the scripts when she heard a voice.

She thought it was Yue Ze and said, “Brother Yue, give me a little more time.

I want to continue reading…”

Before she could finish speaking, she looked up and saw a young man standing in front of her.

It was probably because it had been too long since they last met that Su Bei reacted slowly before remembering that this man was Du Luo.

Meeting him seemed to be an event from her past life.

He was so unfamiliar to her now that she even forgot why he would be here.

“Su Bei.” Du Luo sat down naturally, and Su Bei reflexively baked away.

She was not used to sitting too close to men she was not familiar with.

Su Bei began to organize the large pile of scripts beside her.

Du Luo saw her cold face and attitude toward him.

He thought that she still hated him for his betrayal and felt even more guilty.

To a certain extent, Su Beis current downfall was caused by him.

His voice became even deeper.

“Su Bei, I know youre not in a good place right now, but its okay.

I can help you.

If you need money, I have a check here that I can give to you.

You can use it first.”

He generously handed over a check and emotionally said, “If you have any requests for resources, you can call me.

Do you still remember my number”

Su Beis face was full of question marks.

Who told him that she was down and out now Not in a good place Please, as long as he did not appear in front of her, she would be perfectly fine.

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