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[Sister-in-law, Im exactly the same as you.

I dont like that woman either!] Lu Weijian immediately replied and attached countless emojis.

Lu Heting reached out and put his arm around Su Beis shoulder.

Su Bei had never mentioned this in front of him before.

It was probably because she was concerned about the kinship between them.

He had neglected her feelings.

Guilt welled up in his heart, along with hundreds of ways to make up for it… All he had to do was wait for night to fall and return home.

Su Bei tilted her head and met the mans dark eyes.

Before she could speak, he kissed her lips.

After a long while, he finally let go.

“I dont like that woman either.”

It was almost time for Lu Heting to leave with Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Gun Gun was sleepy.

Old Master Lu and the rest felt sorry for him.

“Why dont we let the two children stay so that they wont have to rush about We can send them to kindergarten tomorrow morning.”

“I want Bei Bei.” The sleepy-eyed Gun Gun, upon hearing this, mumbled to himself as he tried his best to widen his eyes.

Su Bei hugged him to her chest and gently coaxed him, saying, “Bei Bei is here.

Be good.”

“Then when are you coming back next time” Old Master Lu loved the two munchkins so much that he couldnt bear to part with them.

Lu Heting looked at his mother meaningfully.

Madam Lu knew that it was because he wasnt too satisfied with her tactfully suggesting Su Bei give up her job.

She pretended not to understand and said, “Bring the children back to play during the holidays.

After all, theyre the little young masters of the Lu family.”

“We will,” Lu Heting said, “Su Bei and I will manage our work and family.”

He once again responded to Madam Lu.

It was a simple sentence, but it also carried different meanings.

The words were not laid directly on the table, but there were many hidden meanings.

Lu Heting suddenly understood why Su Bei said she didnt like rich families.

Su Bei would not like this place in the future.

He would reduce the number of times he let her come back.

Su Bei felt that the air was much fresher back in the small house that was only a hundred square meters.

Lu Heting also realized that it was the place that was truly suitable for him as well.

Da Bao and Gun Gun were already sleepy.

They slept soundly after being sent back to their respective rooms.

And his night with Su Bei was still very long…

“Bei Bei.” Lu Heting reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He wanted to comfort his woman in his own way.

The filming of Two Phoenixes came to an end.

Yue Ze and Su Bei had a serious chat to confirm their work scope.

“Do you want to go on stage or continue filming” Yue Ze put his work plan on the table.

“Even though youve been away from the stage for a while, the fashion industry hasnt forgotten about you.

Theyre still inviting you for collaborations.”

“I still want to continue filming.

Even though I havent seen any results yet, filming makes me very happy.

Experiencing another persons life in a movie is a joy I cant experience up on stage.

So, Brother Yue, please help me take on this kind of work.”

Yue Ze took out two scripts.

“These are the two scripts I received.

You can let me know what you think after you read them.

Ive already helped you screen out the unsuitable scripts.”

Su Bei took one of the scripts and flipped through it.

She had only seen a few lines and knew that this script was not bad.

Whether the work had soul or not depended entirely on the characters.

And the lines were the key to shaping the character.

However, she still had to consider carefully which one to choose.

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