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“Next time, then.” No matter what, Madam Lu valued Gun Guns emotions.

She couldnt ignore Gun Gun just to make Liao Xintong pressure Su Bei.

Weijian picked up Gun Gun and said, “Gun Gun, lets go play.

Our Gun Gun is the most obedient.

Lets go!”

After Gun Gun left, Liao Xintong felt really awkward.

She sat for a while before bidding farewell and leaving.

The elders did not ask her to stay either.

However, when she thought of Gun Guns words, she was deep in thought.

Lu Heting held Su Beis hand and walked around the old residence.

“This is the back garden.

Weijian and I used to play here when we were young.

We grew up in the old residence, and the third floor is where my room is.”

Su Bei had never heard him mention his father, so she thought that his father might have died young and did not ask further.

As they were walking, they received Lu Weijians WeChat message.

He had added Lu Heting and Su Bei into a group chat.

He said exaggeratedly: [Big Brother, Sister-in-law, please dont ever let Gun Gun stay with that Liao woman!]

Lu Heting asked: [What happened]

Su Bei also replied in surprise: []

Lu Weijian asked: [Do you think Gun Gun likes that woman]

Su Bei wasnt too sure, but she knew that Gun Gun called that womanAunt. Between the two of them, it could be said that they were related by blood.

She once had a foolish thought of entrusting Lu Heting and Da Bao to that woman.

Lu Heting frowned slightly, forming a beautiful crease.

When he was busy and couldnt care for Gun Gun much, it was his mother who brought Gun Gun to Liao Xintongs side.

Whenever he went to pick up Gun Gun, Gun Gun would be extremely happy.

He thought that Gun Gun liked being by that womans side.

As his father, he doted on his son and made a compromise.

He acquiesced to Madam Lus actions of bringing Gun Gun to that womans house.

Hence, it became a routine.

Why Was there more to it

When Lu Weijian saw that the couple was silent, he didnt bother to wait for them to ask.

Instead, he told them everything.

[Gun Gun said that he doesnt like to play with that woman surnamed Liao and he doesnt like her at all! Why is he so happy every time he comes back from her place, then Its because he has escaped from his misery!]

[…] Lu Heting responded with a string of ellipses.

However, he believed him.

Looking at the interactions between Gun Gun and Su Bei and comparing them to how Gun Gun and Liao Xintong interacted, he should have long discovered the problem! Only Gun Guns fondness for Su Bei was genuine!

A wave of guilt washed over him.

As a father, he had indeed overlooked some things.

Managing and dealing with a childs emotions was indeed his weakness.

Lu Heting replied: [Okay, I wont send him there anymore.]

Lu Weijian immediately gave him countless thumbs up.

[My elder brother is good at listening to advice, which is why he became the most powerful person in the world!]

When Su Bei saw this, she finally exploded.

[Can I say something]

Lu Weijian replied: [Go ahead.]

Lu Heting tilted his head to look at her, his voice tender and loving.

She read out the words as she typed.

[I dont like that woman surnamed Liao either!]

She didnt like her in the past, but she couldnt bring herself to say it because of her feelings.

Now, she could finally say it out loud!

This feeling was too satisfying!

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